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BNBsc: A Revolutionary Hybrid ROI Dapp Is Here


This state-of-the-art Hybrid ROI Dapp has just entered the High Yield Farming industry and it’s already shaking the “grounds”. The reason why this Dapp is one of a kind is that it offers extreme profits and has unique features, a True Game Changer!

The users will earn a fixed 5% daily ROI. During the investment period of 40 days, the returns go up to an astonishing 168%. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the features of this new hybrid Dapp.

Features of BNBsc Hybrid Dapp

Here are the major features that make BNBsc Dapp unique:

Reliable Smart Contract: The smart contracts used on this Dapp is incredibly reliable. It is verified by the Binance Smart Blockchain (BSC) and it’s audited by one of the most reputable auditory companies in the industry Haze Crypto. 

Anti-Whale Algorithm: The Dapp has innovated a unique algorithm that prevents whales from draining the contract. To achieve this, the Anti-Whale Algorithm sets a limit for the daily withdrawal amount. 

Because of this no matter how big the deposits are they can never make massive withdrawals and destabilize drastically the contracts balance. They can cumulate hundreds of BNB’s but, only 30 BNB’s will be withdrawable per 24h period. The rest will be sent back to the user’s balance and can be withdrawable 24h later. 

Hybrid Dapp: The Dapp uses Hybrid Technology. A perfect balance between both aspects of DeFi and complex smart contract capabilities to achieve unprecedented results.

Huge ROI: This is the main benefit of this Dapp. It offers enormous ROI to their investors – 5% Daily for 40 days!

Holding Bonus: Holders get a +0.2% daily bonus on the total investment if they hold and do not withdraw.

Auto-Reinvestment: As the name states, this feature automatically reinvest funds. Whenever a user withdraws, 20% of the profit will go back to the smart contract for sustainability. This feature alone will make this Dapp go on for several months!

Referral Bonus: The Dapp offers 5 different referral programs. Each program is called level. 

Here are the bonuses for each level.

Level 1 offers 7%. Level 2 offers 5%. Level 3 offers 3%. Level 4 offers 2%.  Level 5 offers 1%.

Funds Distribution

BNBsc has a coherent and very efficient funds distribution system to maximize profits. 

Let’s take a look at the exact numbers and their respective purpose.

For the Investors: 88% of the funds are used to pay the investors. These funds are used for participant payouts, affiliate programs, and hold bonuses.

For the Platform: The platform uses 12% of the total funds for tasks such as marketing, development, and administration fee.

Using The BNBsc Dapp

Using this Dapp is quite simple. Users can follow these easy steps to start making their investments. 

  • Create your Free Metamask Wallet
  • Connect the wallet with the Dapp 
  • Enter the amount you would like to Invest
  • Verify and Confirm your Returns to get an estimate ROI (hold bonus not included)
  • Click on the Invest button
  • Wait 24 hours
  • Click the Claim button to collect your funds

Contact Info

The BNBsc team has provided various channels to facilitate users. The team is active on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram. Their Telegram groups are available in 3 languages. English, Spanish, and Russian.

Here are links to all the channels:




Telegram Global Community

Final word

Ladies and gentlemen this is it, a new era has begun where passive income has become easier than ever. The combination of our unique features combined with our specific and duly prepared marketing strategy, will make sure that our Hybrid Dapp will be around for at least 5 months. Be a part of the future, fight censorship, say no to inflation, and get a better future for you and your beloved ones. 

BNBsc Team wishes you Prosperity and Long Term Profits.

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