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BNBD Project | Creating an Ecosystem of Passive And Consistent Returns

The BNBD project creates a revenue-generation stream for the entire community, subject to the condition that they hold some amount of the BNBD. As a project built for the community, the BNB Diamond project wants every member of the community to have an equal share at earning passive income and leverage from the gradual increase in the asset’s value. To deliver on its promise of a community-first project, BNBD authenticated a Fair launch system, where no token is reserved for the team, and there are no early buy-ins.

A Community First Platform With Multiple Benefits

Cryptocurrency platforms work on various aspects to ensure that the community gets the most out of their interaction. BNBD wants to empower its community with a similar approach and provide financial freedom by doing nothing but holding BNBD tokens.

As soon as the individual starts holding or buying BNBD, their journey towards better financial freedom begins. Holding the BNBD makes the individual eligible to receive all the benefits provided by the platform.

The four different aspects of holding the BNBD tokens include that the user can vote on creative ideas and suggestions made by the other users in the community. This makes BNBD a DAO-based platform, again authenticating the fact that it is a community-first project.

The users holding the BNBD will earn right away, as every transaction done on the platform invites a 10% fee, out of which 4% is sent to the holders of BNBD. 5% out of the 10% transaction fee is also locked away in a separate liquidity pool that facilitates a gradual increase in the token’s value.

Due to this, users need not indulge into staking or find out other ways to earn revenue from the BNBD platform. They are getting consistent returns as a reward from every transaction.

An auto-locked secure liquidity pool has been created, in partnership with Unicrypt. This liquidity pool also gets coins progressively with every transaction. 80% of the entire token supply is burned at launch, hence creating an even higher valuation of the BNBD tokens gradually.

How to Buy BNBD?

The $BNB tokens can be bought from PancakeSwap, followed by setting up a wallet and sending the $BNB tokens via SafePal. Then the users can easily swap the $BNB for BNBD on PancakeSwap.

To Sum it Up

BNBD provides the users access to a continuous and passive income stream. As a community-first platform, the BNBD users will get the freedom to decide the future course of action by voting to initiate and facilitate changes suggested by the users. The upcoming developments of the platform will bring a DEX interface to the users giving them the options to work with real-time data and charts, while giving them access to a trading bot.

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