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What Are Blue Zones of the World?

Blue Zones

Dan Buettner is a famous researcher and he did comprehensive research to find the Blue Zones where people live for many years. In his article entitled “The Secrets of Long Life” Dan explained the top geographical locations which are suitable for baby boomers to have a longer life expectancy. He also identified a number of factors that delay the process of being aged. Blue Zones rekindle the hope of modern generation. Many non-profit health organizations and the government itself are doing surveys to select the best places which are conducive to the development of health preventing premature aging and decrepitude. Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain are two eminent associates helping Dan form a team to work on Blue Zones. For authentic guide, and information, please visit .

What Are Top 5 Blue Zones in the World?

Dan Buettner wrote an informative book “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest” in which he made people aware of the secrets to living longer. He pointed out five top-notch Blue Zones which are Mecca for geriatric society. These five Blue Zons are as follows

  • Okinawa (Japan)
  • Sardinia (Italy)
  • Nicoya (Costa Rica)
  • Icaria (Greece)
  • Lomo Linda, California (The US)

Know Nine Top Reasons for Being Blue Zone 

Dan tried to discover certain reasons which are responsible for long-lasting lifestyles within the Blue Zones. He confirms that these nine factors can be the parameters to plan to design the cities. It is a great initiative to unearth the hidden truth behind the longer life span in Blue Zones. Check the reasons below.

  • Improvement of Regular Lifestyle 

In a specific Blue Zone, most of citizens who are over 80 are still active as they do free hand exercises and household works. They do not go to any health club for 6 pack body building workouts. Also, They like to be functional with energy to stay active. They do not like to be idle and lazy. This habit is a plus point for them to become healthy and strong.

  • Bold to Take Adversities Normally without Anxiety 

Anxiety, depression, and displeasure force a human being to suffer from different types of physical and mental disorders. Senior netizens in Blue Zones are extremely resilient, smart, and bold to face the music. They live longer because of their willing power. They do not go back because it is unfavorable for them. If you are courageous, dynamic and energetic, it is a chance for you to spend more springs to celebrate your 90th Birthday in the next year.

  • Proper Stress Management for Mental Wellness 

Inhabitants residing in Blue Zones are conscious about their health. Especially, the aged groups are proactive with enthusiasm to overcome any adverse situation like stress. Right now, in the whole world, young teens have to consume powerful anti-anxiety pills to have relief. Due to the overconsumption of the medications, they get complicated health hazards snowballing into the major cardiac disorders, diabetes and even cancer. Therefore, it is important for a citizen to manage the depression. It is an excellent experience for Dan that over half of the octogenarian members in Blue Zones are able to combat stress. They are fit mentally with the superb boldness to overtake hurdles in practical life. Therefore, you should have a stress management plan for longevity, resilience and an emergency-free lifestyle.

  • Calorie Intake Under Control  

The calorie intake should not be cumbersome and excess. It will give you only diseases and other risks to damage life. On an average basis, everybody needs approximately 1500 at least or max 3000 calories. Adult oldies in Blue Zones maintain the balance to control the calorie for obesity management, smooth blood flow and fat reduction to handle overweight.

  • Go for Herbal to Live Long 

Natural foods and ingredients store tons of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Your health depends on how much you are able to eat natural food. This formula is popular among 60-to 80-year-old- gents in Blue Zones. They go for herbal to reinforce their health removing symptoms of common diseases and obesity.

  • Control Consumption of Alcohol 

It is better to become a teetotaler if you like to see the sunrise tomorrow. The survey has taken an overview to estimate the passion of people to consume alcohol. Moreover, it is stated that senior citizens in Blue Zones have no wilderness and craziness to go to the local shops to buy wine to heat up their tummies. Naturally, they are modest, decent and polished with the desires of opting for the balanced diet.

  • Be Spiritualized to Lead a Life of Saint 

The earthly comfort does not give the permanent solution to heavenly bliss or happiness. People who have already crossed the threshold of 50 need to go to spiritual schools for holistic treatment. They must meditate for the sake of their own health benefits. This holistic wellness practice improves their health every day. For reducing 1 inch of fat off the body means the one step to slimness. It will save your life in the long run. Elite class in Blue Zones resigns themselves to spirituality.

  • Love for Family 

A man is not a machine but he is a gregarious social animal who loves families. This homesickness and bond of sweet relationship must be a vital stimulant to energize someone to become salubrious to stand strong on the ground. However, 99 percent of aged members residing in Blue Zones claim that they like nostalgic ambience. It is a benefit for them to be relaxed and joyous.

  • Passion for Being Sociable 

Without society, your life value is zero. People in all Blue Zones are happy to join the formal and also informal parties to enjoy. This is the booster to inspire them to wait for a few years more to see beautiful world.

Last not but the least, you should check and monitor biological processes like blood pressure, calorie, body mass index and fat as well. Remember these nine tips for upgrading your health to become the oldest man in 21st century.

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