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Blue World City Islamabad


Blue World City Islamabad is a new housing project near the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. This project is developed by Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in association with Shan. Jian Municipal Engineering, China.

The residential society is one of the most affordable housing projects in the area. It has become quite popular among investors and people looking for a place on a budget with a good installment plan.

Blue World City Owners and Developers:

Blue World City is a project of Blue Group of Companies Owned by Saad Nazir, Son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore Ch. Nazeer. Blue Group of Companies has signed an M.O.U with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China for its development.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC):

Blue Group of Companies started its operations in 1989 in Lahore by offering its architectural design and construction services. The company was soon able to acquire a sound reputation of being a trustworthy and professional organization and successfully grabbed clients’ attention in the market.

Since then, the company has evolved into a one-stop solution for various services, including real estate, development, marketing, architectural design, construction, IT support, and commercial printing. 

In addition to these services, the company has also indulged in the retail business and owns various convenience retail stores and clothing brands. Blue Group of Companies has over 300 professionals working in different capacities, making it one of the most diversified corporations in Pakistan.

Company Structure:

Blue Group of Companies owns a highly diversified set of businesses consisting of the following Companies:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • WPZ
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix

Blue World City NOC and Planning Permission:

Blue World City NOC is soon to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Furthermore, the RDA has issued a planning permit against the Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019. In the beginning, Preliminary Planning Permission for around 427 Kanal of land was granted to society. Another application was submitted to get the Planning and Advertising permission for 5,000 Kanal of land. 

The application was under process with the RDA for months until Aug 2018. This new permission is granted for phase 1, covering 5000 Kanal. The NOC situation of this society resembles that of Capital Smart City, another society waiting for approval of NOC for its extension area.

Blue World City Location:

 Blue World City location is prime as it is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2. It is also one of the societies near Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities and Islamabad Airport. 

It is a sensational housing society with wonderful surroundings and is situated far away from the hustle and bustle busy capital city. Kingdom Valley is also a prominent residential society located at the serene location of capital city.

Accessibility Points:

Following are some of the convenient accessibility points of residential society:

  • Right next to the Chakri road and Chakri Interchange
  • Approximately 32 min drive to Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 33 min drive to Islamabad
  • Approximately 33 min drive to Khanial Homes
  • Approximately 57 min drive to Rawat, Islamabad
  • Approximately 60 min drive to Saddar, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 13 min drive to Rawalpindi Race Club
  • Approximately 13 min drive to Chakri, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 05 min drive to Sihal, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 31 min drive to New Islamabad Airport Rd
  • Approximately 1hr 2 min drive to N-80, Fateh Jang, Punjab
  • Approximately 57 min drive to Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Approximately 29 min drive to Parial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  • Approximately 1hr 3 min drive to Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Approximately 13 min drive to Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 48 min drive to N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Road, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 21 min drive to Syed Abul A’la Maududi Avenue, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Following are the Nearby Landmarks and Places of the residential society:

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Nova City
  • University Town
  • Capital Smart City
  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad
  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad

Blue World City Master Plan:

The BWC master plan is created with the help of international-based developers, Shan Juan company. With the promising architecture of the nation, the international urbanist group has together created an urban town development.

The creative residential development offers the best and unique features with all the luxury and comfort of life. Blue World City is a massive construction project that spans over 5000 Kanal of the capital city’s exclusive land. The project’s total land area is divided into four phases, divided into several blocks.


The mouza of the Blue world city is a village named “Sehal.”

Size of roads:

One of the attractive features will be its wide network of carpeted roads connecting all areas of society. Main Boulevard will be 120ft, main roads more than 80ft, and all the streets will be 40ft wide.

Overseas Block:

The Overseas Block of Blue World City is a magnificent creation and one of the major attractions of residential society. The Block is specifically designed to provide elite class facilities and quality standards of living to overseas Pakistani investors. 

The master plan of Overseas Block has all the professional qualities from Hi-Tech Security Systems, State of the Art development, and basic facilities at their best.

Overseas Block Location:

The location of Overseas Block is located adjacent to Chakri road. The Block’s designated gate will have direct access through the society’s Main Gate to Chakri road. 

In the next two years, the housing project will also have access from the Rawalpindi Ring Road, which would connect Blue World City Islamabad with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city.

Overseas Block Plot Sizes:

Following are the plot sizes available in Overseas Block:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla,
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Salient Features:

Following are the salient features of Overseas Block:

  • E-Tag System
  • Gated Community
  • Green Service Area
  • Overseas Lagoon Club
  • Schools, Hospitals, and Mosque
  • 24 Hours CCTV Security Surveillance

Blue World City Payment Plan:

Following are the payment details available for the residential society:

General Block:

Category Total Price Down Payment 10% 40 Monthly Installments 8 Half Installments
5 MARLA 990,000 99,000 11,138 55,688
2 KANAL 54,00,000 540,000 60,750 303,750
COMMERCIAL 8,400,000 840,000 94,500 472,500
COMMERCIAL 6,000,000 600,000 67,750 377,500
1 KANAL 2,800,000 280,000 31,500 157,500


Overseas Block:

Residential Plot Size Total Price Down Payment Confirmation 40 Monthly Installments 8 Half Yearly Plan
7 MARLA 13,50,000 135,000 67,500 14,344 71,719
10 MARLA 19,00,000 190,000 95,000 20,188 100,938
14 MARLA 25,00,000 250,000 125,000 26,563 132,813
1 KANAL 35,00,000 350,000 175,000 37,188 185,938
2 KANAL 56,00,000 560,000 280,000 59,500 297,500


Salient Features:

Following are some of the salient features provided in the residential society:

  • Affordability
  • The Walk 
  • I-Max Cinemas
  • 5-Star Hotels
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Police Stations
  • Medical Hubs
  • Commercial Hubs
  • Gated Community
  • Water Theme Park
  • Green Environment
  • 24/7 Security System
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Educational Institutions
  • Mass Transportation System
  •  Blue Mosque Turkey Replica
  • International Standard Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Availability of Water, Gas, And Electricity
  • Skilled Maintenance and Management Workforce
  • Planned Sewerage Management & Waste Disposal System


Blue World City Islamabad is a highly ranked project of Islamabad, created by the Blue Group of Companies. The housing society is soon to be approved by RDA. The developers have created a luxurious and comfortable environment for the residents to enjoy a quality of living.

Its unique features, prime location, breathtaking view, international themed restaurants, and complexes attract many overseas investors. The residential society will be a solid and fruitful investment for its buyers in the coming years.


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