Blue Whale Foundation – Utilizing Blockchain to Power Smart Cities And Champion the World’s Next Major Manpower Shift, The Sharing Economy

South Korea, 17 June 2018 – Fresh from closing USD 22million in its initial coin offering (ICO) sale, Blue Whale Foundation (the blockchain platform building the world’s largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed) will champion the “Trends in Blockchain and the Future of the Sharing Economy 2018” Conference in Seoul, Korea on 23 July 2018.

This will be the first conference of its kind in the world championing the sharing economy and empowering smart cities through the utilisation blockchain. It will also be the first time global experts in this space are coming together to discuss, predict and pland for the future of this industry through various talks and panel discussions that will be held throughout the day.

Solving Problems in The Sharing Economy Through Blockchain

A fundamental shift in the nature of work is happening, especially in developed economies. Frequent financial crises are pushing companies towards hiring on a less permanent basis, in favor of “flexible” employment contracts. Furthermore, as labor costs rise while offshoring and/or automation displaces local workers, a growing number of structurally-unemployed people are joining the sizable class of freelance workers.

To illustrate on the growth of this segment, freelancers represent 35% of the United States workforce. That rate is 16.1% in the European Union. Both figures clearly point to the same global trend – from entrepreneurs to those paid by the hour or task, freelancing is on the rise globally. Additionally, the popularity of peer-to-peer service platforms like Uber and Airbnb has caused the demand of freelancers to soar drastically.

However, freelancers face a few major problems in the current climate. This includes high commission fees, exorbitant marketing and advertising costs, and finally, the lack of financial security. As the parameters of the game changes and the landscape continues to evolve, these problems worsen and spill over as consumer protection erodes and these peer-to-peer platforms face backlash from the public and governments.

With this in mind, “Trends in Blockchain and the Future of the Sharing Economy 2018” Conference will set the stage to pioneer this new movement towards empowering participants in the sharing economy through blockchain.

Notable speakers and guests that will grace this ground-breaking conference include:

  • Mr Faris Owels: UN Blockchain Commissioner, Smart Cities (Keynote Speaker)
  • Ms Susan Poole: Co-Chair, the EU’s Blockchain Observatory (Keynote Speaker)
  • Ms Chelsea Rustrum: Author of “It’s a Shareable Life (Keynote Speaker)
  • Ms Aarti Tandon: Executive Director, Smart Cities New York
  • Mr Jorge Saraiva: Co-Leader, EU Smart Cities and Communities
  • Dr Walter Tonetto: Vice-Chairman, The Global Blockchain Application Research
  • Mr Cordell Carter: Executive Director, Socrates Program
  • Mr Will Lee: Chief Executive Officer, Blue Whale Foundation

One of the key highlights will be a panel discussion around the opportunities and challenges in smart city & blockchain which will include some of the brightest minds in both the smart cities and blockchain space. Another topics that will be covered at the conference include use cases on how Southeast Asia is tackling challenges using Blockchain. Additionally, topics on healthy regulatory frameworks to balance progress and protection as well as citizen engagement in blockchain will also be shared.

“This conference is powered by Blue Whale Foundation with the intention to help independent contractors pursue their passions confidently and receive deserved value from the sharing economy. We look forward to bringing together the top minds in this space, sharing new strategies as well as work out executional tactics that will impact the lives of such individuals,” said Mr Will Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Whale Foundation.

For more information about the “Trends in Blockchain and the Future of the Sharing Economy 2018” Conference as well as to sign up, please proceed here.

About Blue Whale Foundation

Blue Whale will empower the world’s freelance community by creating the largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem where independent workers can pursue their passions and get the value they deserve from the gig economy. For more information on Blue Whale Foundation, please proceed here.

Additionally, Blue Whale’s tokens (BWX) will be traded on exchanges from this week. Find out more on their existing telegram chat

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