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Blue Carrot Helps Businesses With Character Design Development For Their Video Production

Character Design Development For Their Video

Blue Carrot has grown in leaps and bounds since their official launch in 2014, delivering a wide range of groundbreaking storytelling and video marketing solutions to businesses across different industries. In a related development, the company has become increasingly popular in recent times for character design development, especially explainer videos and other similar content.

There has been an increasing demand for video content in recent times, as more businesses look to capture the attention of their target audience. Recent statistics reveal that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, a tremendous increase from only 61% five years ago. It has also been revealed that 96% of users admitted to wanting to watch explainers to learn more about products or services. Consequently, there has been an emergence of different video content creators looking to meet the growing and diverse needs of businesses. Unfortunately, many of the available services do not effectively address the concerns of clients. However, the team at Blue Carrot, led by Tim Aleksandronets, has found the formula for delivering quality yet relatively affordable video content to help clients promote their message effectively.

Character design development remains one of the most important steps in the process of creating video content. The aspect of developing the character is just as critical as other parts of the process and is often described as a result of a correct goal setting for the video.

Types of Video Characters

The types of characters to be used in a video are dependent on the type and purpose of the video as well as the target audience and the story to be told. Generally, characters are used in character-centric videos and for supporting a story flow.

The types of video characters based on these broad categorizations include cartoony for informal and entertaining clips, cartoon realistic with realistic body dimensions, proportions, and facial features, and photorealistic characters often used in videos for medical and health services to deliver characters that are closer to reality. There is also the Business Casual – Flat 2D characters, Stylized or Conceptual characters, Stick or Iconic characters, animal characters, characters without noticeable facial features, line-drawn characters, and minimal characters.

Tips For Designing Characters For A Video

One of the most important decisions for creating characters for an engaging video is to avoid using straightforward images. It is often advisable to use abstract yet bright characters, bringing some creativity into the process to engage the minds of the audience without necessarily boring viewers.

It is also imperative to look at the visuals rules that are most suitable for the desired message. This is often dependent on the set of tasks available, as the designer is required to select the shapes, level of detail, colors, and a host of others.

The place of trends in creating videos cannot be overlooked. The content creator is often advised to use visual rules that are relevant to current realities and ensure that the content is constantly updated to continue attracting the attention of the audience.

Blue Carrot And Character Design Development

Blue Carrot has been in the business of animation production for video marketing for over 6 years, creating over 300 cases and helping clients across the globe reach their target audience effectively. The company’s expertise in character design development is evident in each project, a feature that has endeared the brand to businesses worldwide.

For more information about character design development and the plethora of solutions offered by Blue Carrot, please visit – Blue Carrot can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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