Bloomzed ICO Progress Report – How well is the Bloomzed ICO Doing?

Bloomzed is a financial software solution. As a high-tech system, Bloomzed makes use of blocks unified in one place, blockchain style. This system works to guarantee reliability, convenience, user-friendliness, and efficiency. Meanwhile, the system’s capabilities are promised to be constantly extended.

Bloomzed is a series of technologies all geared towards being a mobile wallet, fully integrated into existing financial structures (such as other cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, bank accounts, debit/credit cards, etc.). Also, Elchin Suleimanov, the founder’s goal is to help the public with managing financial flows as well as financial planning, savings, investments, and earnings.

The strategy the Bloomzed team wishes to use to enhance the utility of cryptocurrency is through a Token Generation Event (TGE). Sulemanov maintains that with this event, Bloomzed is presenting a business that is already at the point of receiving its license, and so is not in its early stages as found in most Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

This event is to usher in the Bloomzed Project which will take the solution to more regions by offering the Bloomed Token (BZT), a unique cryptocurrency. The token will allow members of the Bloomzed Crypto Club, a closed club, some special benefits such as being the first to use any Bloomzed product and provide the highest levels of functionality and bonuses.

Bloomzed Token (BZT)

Obtaining a token in the TGE will not be referred to as investing but as an acquisition and a requirement for membership in the Bloomzed Crypto Club. The token is based on the standard ERC20 and may be acquired through registering at the company website and opening a wallet. Afterwards, the user may send cryptocurrencies as payment for BZT. Ownership of one token is all that is needed to participate in the Bloomzed Crypto Club.

Token Generation Event (TGE)    

The first phase of the TGE took place from December 19 to December 26, 2017. The second phase is scheduled for January 17 to February 17, 2018, during which 45 million BZT will be available for acquisition out of the total supply of 100 million BZT.

Each BZT is valued at 0.002 ETH and can be purchased using a visa card, Ethereum, Bitcoin or MasterCard. Also, each buyer is required to acquire at least 250 BZT, and if the buyer so wishes, 249 BZT may be resold or gifted while one is reserved for participation in the club.

Benefits of Bloomzed Token

  1.    This token promises speed in payments.
  2.    Ownership of one is all that is required to enjoy a series of up-to-date financial solutions.
  3.    It allows the owner to enjoy the services of Bloomzed partners.
  4.    It gives the owner access to a platform that offers a comprehensive assistant for everyday activities and not just financial matters.
  5.    It is secure and technologically relevant, making use of USSD, Bluetooth Smart, HCE, etc.

Bloomzed is out to ease the use of cryptocurrencies for everyday use and develop an eco-system that opens up both businesses and individuals to limitless opportunities.

Bloomzed ICO is still on at this time, for more detailed information, please visit bloomzed

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