Bloomzed – Alternative Cryptocurrency For Payments.

Cryptocurrency- an encrypted peer-to-peer network for facilitating digital exchange; is a technology that came into existence 8 years ago. Bitcoin which is the first and most popular cryptocurrency is breaking grounds as a disruptive technology to the long standing and unchanged financial payment systems that have been in place for many years. By using a cryptocurrency, users are able to exchange value digitally without any third party interference.


BLOOMZED (mobile wallet) is a global instrument for payments. It works with all currently existing financial instruments [such as bank accounts, fiat currency, credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies etc]. The mobile APP is the main product of this mind blowing project, thanks to the open API. The APP is a multifunctional payment instrument of the new age that works with smartphones and is an e-wallet which allows its users t pay for services, transfer money, link payment cards and comprehensive management of personal funds. The bloomzed mobile APP and the web version of the platform includes a number of sections, which provides certain features to its users. In the credit section, loans from different banks and credit organizations will be presented. In the investment section, users can multiply their savings via crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, ICO, ITO, TGE and internet trading in the world exchange markets. More so, users can purchase any type of insurance within a couple of minutes at their own convenience in the insurance section. A financial accountant that will help manage all cash flows, take full financial control and planning will be available in the application/platform.  

Have you heard of Bloomzed token?  Bloomzed token (BZT) is a digital currency issued by bloomzed ; it is a membership token that allows the holders to benefit from all relevant bonuses and benefits offered by Bloomzed. The number of benefits a holder enjoys is determined by the number of BZT purchased. Token generation event (TGE) is an event organized by bloomzed for the primary sale of BZT membership tokens; which is a prerequisite to participate in Bloomzed crypto club. The distribution and circulation of the bloomzed token is done via the use of smart contracts (TERC 20 standard). In all, 50million BZT tokens will be available for selling in the TGE; 5 million has already been issued specifically for the first round of the TGE which started December 19, 2017 and ended December 26, 2017. The remaining 45million BZT will be available during the second round which will run from January 17, 2018 to February 17, 2018. The selling price of 1 BZT is 0.002ETH and the minimum number of tokens set for purchasing is 250BZT which is equivalent to 0.5ETH. This Bitcoin alternative cryptocurrency -BZT token can be purchased using bitcoin, ethereum, visa card and master card.  Invest today !!

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