Bloom Labs Launches Bloom 1.0

The Web3 wallet startup Bloom Labs unveiled Bloom, a safe haven for exchanging tokens and NFTs, finding fresh dApps, and maximising defi investments. Bloom’s website is now offering downloads for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

TakeAway Points:

  • Bloom Labs launched Bloom, a secure wallet hub for trading tokens and NFTs, discovering new dApps, and optimising defi investments.
  • Bloom aims to enhance the usability and safety of Web3 interactions.
  • Bloom is working with IDNow,, Spyce5, and the IOTA Foundation to provide reusable KYC that complies with EU regulations and reduces the complications caused by the upcoming EU MiCA rule.

Bloom Labs unveils Bloom

Bloom is an online and native wallet architecture that is intended for the future generation of cryptocurrency users. It improves usability and security in Web3 interactions by replacing bulky browser plugins. Bloom worked with Auditone to finish a security audit in advance of the launch.

With renewed public interest in cryptocurrency following Bitcoin’s ETF listing, there is a growing need for seamless Web3 onboarding flows. Bloom has partnered with Transak to allow users to purchase cryptocurrency in 170 countries.

Developed by IOTA Foundation alumni, Bloom launches with support for IOTA, EVM, and Shimmer, and is compatible with Ledger Nano hardware wallets. Bloom enables token, NFT, and data transfers between Layer 2 chains without bridges, showcasing IOTA EVM’s powerful cross-chain architecture.

Backed with investment from Outlier Ventures, Plassa Capital, CoinTelegraph, Heartfelt Capital (formerly APX), and a suite of business angels, Bloom has already welcomed over 5,000 users since releasing Early Access in late November and has received resoundingly positive feedback.

Bloom is collaborating with IOTA Foundation, IDNow,, and Spyce5 in a consortium to build EU-compliant reusable KYC and ease the friction from the forthcoming EU MiCA regulation. This approach allows for a single KYC event within Bloom, streamlining identity verification across multiple Web3 services without compromising personal information.

Bloom’s Services

Bloom will extend its services to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and other major EVM L1s and L2s, cementing its position as a versatile wallet for the wider Web3 community. By introducing social login and allowing simple sign-up with Web2 OAuth credentials like Gmail or iCloud, Bloom will further broaden its mainstream appeal.

Charlie Varley, co-founder and CEO of Bloom, stated:

“Bloom represents the culmination of years of innovation and user feedback. We’re redefining what the core Web3 experience looks like. Wallets are no longer just tools for signing transactions, but their own comprehensive ecosystems.”

Dominik Schiener, co-founder and chairman of the IOTA Foundation, adds:

“Bloom’s launch is a community milestone, showcasing the strength of IOTA and Shimmer’s architecture and our commitment to open-source collaboration.”


The Bloom team, which was established in July 2023 and is headquartered in London, UK, is dedicated to open development processes, keeping open lines of communication with developers, and exposing their source code. The team is well-known for creating important IOTA ecosystem projects, including Firefly and Trinity.

The highly secure desktop wallet Bloom was created by former Firefly team members. Shimmer L1 and ShimmerEVM L2 are both included in Bloom; thus, you do not need any additional tools to move assets back and forth between Shimmer and ShimmerEVM. Bloom will eventually support all of the IOTA ecosystem, combining the Shimmer and IOTA networks into a unified app experience.


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