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Blogging For Business Is Different from Blogging As An Individual

Whatever business you’re currently in,  what if you could get paid blogging about it, what if you could turn one tiny piece of it into a full time stream of income?

The statistics of the number of people blogging online is very large. But what you also have to realize is that most people create blogs as journals for things happening in their lives. Very few businesses – especially in the detailed, niche industries – take it seriously and blog for their business.

Which leaves huge opportunities for us!

Imagine having a health spa that services a local community. You have a variety of products and services, all helping women lose weight, maintain their optimum typing handsweight, and look good in the process. What if you became an expert of maintaining your optimum weight, and got paid to write about it?

That’s the reality of blogging.

Many things are feasible in the online world. Can a person make money blogging? Can a person make money consulting about their niche through blogging? While this is a new industry without a huge number of case studies, the overwhelming answer is yes.

Which got me thinking: Why can’t you combine what you love (your business) with blogging, and sell your services to help build your expertise along with other companies you partner up with? Infact, this is where blogging makes more sense.

You’re helping your partners by giving them quality content and a good advertising platform in the form of your website. They are helping you by allowing you to share your expertise – and getting paid in the process.

Most business owners will tell you the most difficult thing about being online is the content. They simply don’t know what to say or write. So if you provide them with the “what to say” or “What to write”, you’re taking a huge task off their shoulders.

So the small business owner of a health spa, from above, that sells weight loss and maintenance coaching to her clients, could easily team up with a small grocery chain as their “weight maintenance expert”.

It’s about building your business first, showcasing your talents, and offering what you do – for a price – to others that can also benefit.

Blogging For Business Is Different from Blogging As An Individual

It seems everything I pick up has something written about blogging. Blogging had picked up steam over the past years and is now the “in-thing” for all business owners.

Unfortunately, a lot of what I see written is for the individual who wants to break away from their job and start writing/blogging for a living.

There is a distinct difference between blogging as an individual to create your own business – your own income source outside of a traditional job – and writing a blog for your business.

Here are three things to keep in mind:

1) When an individual decides to blog, she can choose anything of interest to her. She can start with a general topic, or niche it down to something she loves. It can change all the time.

When a business decides to blog, the owner must lay down ground rules on what to blog about. The structure needs to be in place, especially if others will be writing for them.

2) In many cases, an individual starts blogging because they have a love for something. They fill their blogs with content and then decide how to monetize it after achieving some success.

A business owner must decide how to monetize a blog before they start blogging. Will you be using your blog to attract clients for your services? Will you be placing graphics on your site to sell your products?

3) When individuals become professional bloggers, they usually make a good portion of their income from advertising other companies products/services. They sell ad space on their blogs and make income from a variety of sources.

A business owner has to think of their own business first. In many cases selling ad space to other companies may not be appropriate – why would you want to sell your competitors products?

In all cases, a business owner must constantly assess the blogs purpose, and make sure you’re blogging for your own business’s benefit.

If you are a Fintech company, read this article on blogging for fintech. If you want us to write about your business in our blog topics, please contact us

If you are blogging, drop me a message ;, let’s chat. Tell me your experience so far in the blogging industry, perhaps you have some ideas we can share with our readers. Or if you want to start blogging and need some help, also feel free to contact me.

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