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BlockDAG’s New Dashboard Features Unlock Investors’ Road to 30,000X ROI Amidst PEPE & BONK’s Price Surge

Waves of optimism crash against the crypto shore with PEPE predictions revealing a modest surge and BONK’s memetic appeal capturing widespread investor interests. But the greatest crypto wave of the year so far has been that of BlockDAG (BDAG).

The platform’s roaringly successful presale has brought home a massive 800% surge in recent weeks. The force behind this success? BlockDAG’s impressive dashboard features such as a competitive ranking system, a lucrative referral system, and wallet capabilities. An ultra-successful presale record with over $32.8M raised so far has further brought predictions of BDAG hitting $1 in 2024 and $10 in 2025.

PEPE Prediction: Price Surges by 16.95%

PEPE prediction paints a somewhat positive picture with a recent 16.95% surge in price. The crypto surged to a modest $0.000001109 amid a market cap of $4.65 million. Overall, PEPE’s technical analysis reveals market optimism and a stable momentum.

While some investors compare PEPE’s rise with that of Dogecoin, others feel this excitement around the crypto might be premature. Despite the bullish sentiment surrounding PEPE, many investors are currently trying to gauge whether the crypto can truly overcome the market’s intense volatility or if it simply rides on a speculative bubble.

BONK Price Prediction Reveals Potential Surge

On December 25, 2022, Bonk (BONK) entered the crypto market via a launch on the Solana blockchain. The crypto’s popularity comes from its ability to offer enhanced transaction speeds and lower fees. It stands strong in the market with over 131 integrations across a variety of chains.

Although some crown BONK with the best meme coin status due to its resemblance to Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, the hype barely guarantees the coin’s long-term value. While Bonk’s memetic appeal has attracted many users, established crypto investors continue to practice cautious optimism toward the coin.

BlockDAG Predicted to Hit $1 in 2024

Since it broke into the crypto scene, BlockDAG has brought oceans of innovations and mountains of profits to its community. Before we decode its widely successful presale record, let’s first analyze its dashboard capabilities. Once inside the Leaderboard Preview Page, users see a quick, mathematical picture of the top 30 investors sailing the BlockDAG ship. Now, every investor here is given a rank based on the number of BDAG coins they own. These ranks include Crab, Tortoise, Fish, Shark, and Whale, with the Whale being the highest rank.

This system gamifies crypto-investing for users, inducing healthy competition among investors to climb higher ranks. For instance, many participants who held the Fish rank during Batch 1 of BlockDAG’s presale automatically jumped to the Whale rank during Batch 15, due to the huge 800% price surge. Investors can purchase BDAG coins or track their current balances on the Wallet section. Through the Wallet section, users can also seamlessly manage their miners, and uncover their transaction capabilities. In the Last Transaction Preview section, users can quickly uncover details of their transactions and recent purchases along with their translation status, time, stage, and amount. Moreover, the Referral Screen, a huge favorite of the BlockDAG community, is a lucrative opportunity for users to glean a generous 20% referral fee for inviting their friends and family to participate in the BlockDAG movement.

Aside from BlockDAG’s dashboard wizardry, the platform’s wildly successful presale track record speaks for itself. Let’s crunch some numbers: A BDAG coin was priced at $0.001 during Batch 1. Now, it is priced at $0.009 in the current Batch 15, showing a whopping 800% price surge. These impressive presale numbers have led many analysts to predict that BlockDAG will surge to $1 in 2024. In 2025, the coin is projected to hit $10 and by 2030, as widespread predictions suggest, one BDAG coin will be worth $30, with ROI projections going up to 30,000x.


Not only has BlockDAG revolutionized the way people interact and profit from cryptocurrency, but it has also simplified users’ road to millions. With an advanced, yet ultra-user-friendly dashboard that supplies users with everything they need, BlockDAG makes it easy for investors and users to transact, mine, and ultimately glean a projected 30,000x ROI. Having already gifted its community with an 800% price surge, BlockDAG basks in some glorious predictions including a surge to $1 in 2024 and $10 in 2025.

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