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BlockDAG’s Dev Release 63 Highlights X1 App Miner’s Readiness For Mining; 1300% Presale Growth Backed By Viral Keynote

Driven by innovative technology and strategic marketing, BlockDAG is strongly defining its position in the cryptocurrency market. The recent Dev Release 63 hints at the readiness of the X1 miner app after extensive bug testing. Moreover, the viral keynote release highlighted BlockDAG’s extensive marketing campaigns, upcoming mainnet launch, and remarkable presale growth.

The presale has seen 1300% growth in value, skyrocketing to Batch 19 priced at $0.014 and garnering $55.2 million. This article delves into the keynote insights, Dev Release 63 updates, and the exciting advancements that position BlockDAG as a key player to watch in the blockchain industry.

Keynote Draws Investors, Driving Presale to $55.2M

In the recent keynote, BlockDAG’s team elaborated on their robust marketing strategy and the imminent mainnet launch, creating a significant buzz in the cryptocurrency world. The team described their marketing efforts, stating they have “ignited global excitement.” From influencer partnerships to community outreach initiatives, they have created a movement that transcends geographical boundaries. The keynote also emphasized the impact of their educational content, interactive events, and personalized engagements, which have built a loyal following. Notably, endorsements from industry giants such as Cointelegraph, Forbes, and Bloomberg have amplified BlockDAG’s reach.

Regarding the mainnet launch, it was described as a “seismic shift in the crypto landscape.” BlockDAG’s development phase has successfully concluded key elements, including the Peer-to-Peer Engine, Block & DAG Algorithm with EVM Compatibility, and Metamask Integration. The testnet is scheduled for mid-August, with the mainnet launch anticipated in the next four months. This timeline underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to excellence.

Due to the impressive Keynote that has attracted more investors, the presale progress has been noteworthy, with batches advancing from $0.001 to $0.014, marking a 1300% increase up to Batch 19. BlockDAG has raised $55.2 million in presale and $3.5 million from miner sales, highlighting its growing influence and investor confidence.

Dev Release 63 Features X1 App Upgrades

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 63 marks a significant milestone as the team prepares to submit the X1 application to app stores. This release details the final stages of development, highlighting the relentless efforts in bug squashing and policy navigation to ensure a seamless mining experience. The anticipation within the community is palpable as the app approaches its live launch.

The X1 app promises to revolutionize mining with its proof of engagement system, where larger groups can earn greater rewards. During the Devnet phase, users can earn BDAG coins, which, although not yet real, symbolize the potential rewards in forthcoming phases.

Transitioning to the Testnet, all BDAG coins mined in the Devnet will be transferred to users’ wallets as an airdrop. This phase will allow users to track their transactions and balances, seeing their mined coins in action. The Testnet environment closely mirrors the mainnet, providing a realistic testing ground for users.

The Mainnet launch will be a defining moment, transitioning BDAG coins from the Testnet to the live, production environment. Users will be able to trade, use, and exchange BDAG coins, realizing the tangible value of their mining efforts. Upcoming wallet functionality will enable users to claim their rewards, further enhancing the mining experience once the mainnet is operational.

Final Thoughts

BlockDAG’s journey in the crypto industry is marked by innovative strides and strategic planning. With Dev Release 63 signaling the X1 app’s readiness, and a robust mainnet launch on the horizon, BlockDAG is poised for transformative impact. The impressive 1300% presale growth underscores its potential as a significant investment opportunity. For investors keen on the next big move in the crypto space, BlockDAG offers a compelling proposition.

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