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BlockDAG’s Blast Off: X1 Miner Launch with Dev Release 62; Offers Detailed Mining Instructions

BlockDAG’s Blast Off: X1 Miner Launch with Dev Release 62; Offers Detailed Mining Instructions

As the crypto market catches fire, BlockDAG continues to carve its niche in the cryptocurrency realm with its forward-thinking blockchain solutions. As a favorite among crypto enthusiasts and investors due to its strong network and effective mining strategies, BlockDAG keeps gaining momentum. The introduction of Dev Release 62 is a significant leap forward, featuring the launch of the X1 Miner app, designed to refine the mining process for both beginners and seasoned miners.

In-Depth Mining Guide for X Series Miners 

Mining BDAG coins is a breeze, whether you use a mobile app or a dedicated mining device. It’s advisable to employ ASIC miners like BlockDAG’s X-Series X1, X10, X30, and X100 for top performance. These miners should be connected to a steady power source to avoid any disruptions and linked directly via Ethernet for a reliable, swift internet connection.

After setting up the hardware, secure a strong network connection and confirm that each ASIC miner is detectable on the local network to communicate smoothly with other miners and the mining pool. Access the control panel for each miner, enter the required details to connect to the pool, and check that the settings are correct before kicking off the mining operations.

For mobile users, the X1 app offers a simple setup. Download the app from the App Store, swipe right on the “Swipe Me” button to set up an account using your phone number, enter the provided OTP, and follow the on-screen prompts to finalize the setup. Once you’re in, tap the “Activate BlockDAG X1” to begin mining BDAG coins. You can mine up to 20 BDAG daily through active mining alone, and increase your mining rate by inviting active miners.

With its price now at $0.014, up from $0.001 in its initial batch, BlockDAG’s Batch 19 has seen a 1300% growth, rewarding early investors handsomely. To date, BlockDAG has raised $56.7 million in its presale from selling over 12 billion BDAG coins, and additionally raked in over $3.5 million from more than 8360 miners sold.

Dev Release 62: Diving into the X1 Miner App Enhancements

BlockDAG’s community is thrilled about Dev Release 62, spotlighting the bug-free X1 Miner app. After a comprehensive bug bounty hunt, this app is confirmed flawless and ready for action. The development team remains dedicated to providing a reliable and smooth mining experience, having subjected the X1 Miner to extensive testing and stringent quality assurance.

This release outlines the main attributes of the X1 Miner, including its user-friendly interface that simplifies operations for all users. The app also enhances performance with optimized mining procedures to maximize efficiency and yield. The accompanying user guide offers detailed instructions and useful tips, helping users to use the app and maximize their mining efforts effectively.

With the X1 Miner now available in app stores, BlockDAG celebrates a key achievement in making this powerful tool accessible to a wide audience. Thanks to its comprehensive testing and robust design, the X1 Miner is set to redefine standards in cryptocurrency mining.

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Dev Release 62, highlighting the flawless X1 Miner app and its comprehensive guides, reaffirms BlockDAG’s dedication to delivering an efficient and smooth mining experience for its community. As the presale continues, now boasting $56.7 million, BlockDAG distinguishes itself as a lucrative crypto investment, drawing in thousands of mining enthusiasts with over 8360 miners already sold.

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