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BlockDAG’s Astounding 1000% Upsurge: Crypto Influencer Details How It’s Leading Over Toncoin & TRON!

In the vibrant cryptocurrency world, the insights of leading influencers on platforms like YouTube and social media can dramatically influence market trends. With Toncoin achieving new highs in total value locked (TVL) and TRON experiencing fluctuations in price, BlockDAG has taken the spotlight. The presale for BlockDAG has skyrocketed to $45.7 million, reflecting a significant 1000% increase in value, now valued at $0.011 per coin. This surge is largely attributed to influential endorsements, positioning BlockDAG as a top cryptocurrency contender for June 2024.

Toncoin’s TVL Achieves Historic 400% Increase

Recently, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a notable surge in Toncoin’s Total Value Locked (TVL), primarily fueled by the active participation of Tonstakers. This significant increase demonstrates a burgeoning interest within the Toncoin ecosystem, suggesting a robust engagement despite its competition with BlockDAG. While Toncoin has enjoyed a 400% rise in its TVL, this trend serves as a reminder of the cryptocurrency market’s inherently volatile and unpredictable nature.

Such fluctuations underscore the dynamic and often unpredictable shifts that characterize the investment landscape in digital currencies, highlighting the need for investors to stay informed and agile.

TRON Struggles, Testing Key Price Support

TRON’s value has dipped below its average, touching a low of $0.111. Facing a downward trend, it now tries to stabilize above the essential support level of $0.110, a threshold maintained since early 2024. This period of low prices might attract buyers, hinting at a possible price recovery if investor interest picks up, potentially leading to a breakout from the current pattern.

BlockDAG’s Spectacular Rise with 1000% Increase in Presale Value

The presale of BlockDAG has soared, achieving a remarkable $45.7 million in funds, with 11.1 billion coins sold at $0.011 each. This growth is fueled by robust endorsements from celebrity influencers such as Matthew Perry, Oscar Ramos, CryptoDexWorld, and Token Galaxy, who have all praised BlockDAG’s groundbreaking technology and high-return potential.

In their latest reviews, Matthew Perry highlights BlockDAG’s impressive growth and technological superiority, noting the project’s low 1% team allocation that enhances security. He also discusses the lucrative mining opportunities and the rising value of the coin. Oscar Ramos describes BlockDAG as “transformative” and “revolutionary,” spotlighting its ability to redefine blockchain technology. He recalls the initial presale phase, where the coin was priced at $0.006, emphasizing the dramatic price increase to $0.011.

Token Galaxy has praised BlockDAG’s innovative low-code/no-code platform. This platform simplifies token and NFT creation, making blockchain technology accessible to everyone. The user-friendly interface and customizable templates reduce development time and ensure unique project outcomes.


BlockDAG has captured the crypto world’s attention with its moon-themed Keynote 2, driving its presale to new heights. Garnering $42.4 million and selling over 10.9 billion coins, BlockDAG’s surge is fueled by its new keynote video and its cutting-edge X1 Miner app beta version launch. As a result, BlockDAG is emerging as one of the most promising crypto bull runs.

The significant role of influencer endorsements in the cryptocurrency space is undeniable. As Toncoin sets new TVL records and TRON works through its price decline, BlockDAG’s impressive presale achievements demonstrate the powerful impact of strategic influencer collaborations, with a staggering $45.7 million raised and a 1000% increase in value.

Additionally, BlockDAG’s innovative approach to blockchain technology through its low-code/no-code platform facilitates widespread adoption and impact in the market, highlighting its transformative potential in cryptocurrency.

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