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BlockDAG Soars To $50.8M In Presale, Driven By Crypto Whizz Boost, Surpassing NEAR & Monero As The Foremost Bullish Crypto

BlockDAG has catapulted to a remarkable $50.8 million in its presale, thanks to the strong backing of influencers, especially surrounding Keynote 2. BlockDAG is swiftly capturing the spotlight in the cryptocurrency arena with its bold target of hitting $30 by the year 2030. The latest keynote, spotlighting the beta launch of the X1 Miner App, has sparked a significant presale boom, catapulting BlockDAG into the ranks of the top-performing cryptocurrencies. While NEAR Protocol has seen a decline, dipping below $7, and Monero (XMR) has enjoyed a significant price rise, BlockDAG’s endorsements have sparked a massive 1120% increase in price, selling over 11.5 billion coins and positioning it as an enticing investment for the forthcoming bull market.

NEAR Protocol Encounters Market Headwinds

NEAR Protocol has taken a hit, sinking below $7 in response to unexpectedly strong U.S. jobs data, now trading at $6.72 after a 9.36% drop for the day. The price has found some stability at the 100-day EMA, with market experts suggesting a potential dip to the $6 mark. Current technical indicators and increased trading volumes signal ongoing bearish trends and likely future market instability.

Monero Shows Resilient Growth

Over the last week, Monero has seen a 17% increase, with a boost of 3.86% just yesterday, adding up to a 28.73% rise this month. Although its year-to-date return is modest, the market sentiment around Monero is upbeat. Following a significant correction earlier this year, XMR has emerged from its stagnant period and is climbing, with resistance seen at $185 and support at $158 and $142.50.

Influencer Buzz Fuels BlockDAG’s Remarkable Presale Success

BlockDAG’s presale success has been greatly enhanced by high-profile endorsements, notably Nass Crypto’s recent video spotlighting Keynote 2 and the new X1 Miner mobile app.

Nass discussed BlockDAG’s favorable coverage in top publications and its potential to transform the digital market space, focusing on forthcoming milestones like the mainnet launch that have ignited broad interest. These elements have been crucial in achieving BlockDAG’s impressive presale figures, which stand in stark contrast to NEAR’s struggles and Monero’s moderate growth.

Nass introduced the X10 Miner during his presentation, showcasing its 100 MH/s hash rate and capability to mine up to 200 BDAG coins daily, appealing to both new and experienced miners. This mining solution underlines BlockDAG’s dedication to making cryptocurrency mining profitable and accessible for all.

Furthermore, Nass projected a bold future for BlockDAG, suggesting it could exceed Bitcoin in terms of value and impact, with a potential future price exceeding $100 per coin. With another price increase expected soon, now is considered an ideal time for investors to secure their BDAG coins for significant potential returns.

Final Thoughts

The fluctuations experienced by NEAR Protocol and Monero’s gradual recovery illustrate the varied dynamics within the cryptocurrency market. Yet, BlockDAG’s unprecedented presale achievements, fueled by influential endorsements and a user-centric approach, make it a compelling investment option.

As BlockDAG gears up for another price rise, investors have a golden opportunity to engage with one of the market’s most bullish cryptocurrencies. Currently situated at batch 18 with an entry price of $0.0122 per BDAG, this moment is optimal for investing in this promising cryptocurrency. Now at batch 18, with a buy-in rate of $0.0122 per BDAG, this moment is ideal for investing in this cryptocurrency.

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