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BlockDAG Coin Rockets 1120% Post X1 App Beta Release — Could It Eclipse Pyth & Ondo?

BlockDAG Coin Rockets 1120% Post X1 App Beta Release — Could It Eclipse Pyth & Ondo?

Since the launch of the X1 Miner App, public interest in BlockDAG has soared, with its coin price escalating by 1120% from the initial Batch 1 offering. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this app enables users to mine BlockDAG coins right from their smartphones.

As Pyth price feeds merge with Aurora Virtual Chains and Ondo gains traction, it raises the question: Could BlockDAG’s innovative app outpace these platforms? The buzz around the beta launch of the X1 Miner App suggests it might redefine market trends, drawing the attention of investors from established coins like Pyth and Ondo.

Pyth Price Feeds Across Aurora Virtual Chains 

Pyth price feeds have been made available across all Aurora Virtual Chains via Aurora Cloud, boosting real-time data accessibility for developers of decentralized applications (dApps). This integration facilitates the use of over 500 live Pyth price feeds, significantly slashing costs and enhancing operational efficiency. The rollout of Pyth price feeds on Aurora Cloud is a significant advancement, offering developers smooth access to crucial financial information, thus enhancing the performance and dependability of their dApps.

Ondo’s Price Surge Captures Attention 

The price of Ondo has recently seen a notable surge, attracting the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts keen on potential returns. This upward trend mirrors larger market movements and an increasing curiosity in emerging cryptocurrencies. Analysts are keeping a keen eye on Ondo, predicting substantial potential as the cryptocurrency continues to build momentum. The recent surge in Ondo’s price reflects a strong market response, supporting a positive forecast for its investment prospects.

BlockDAG Achieves $50.4M in Presale Milestone 

BlockDAG’s layer 1 technology continues to impress, providing secure mining, smart contract capabilities, and enhanced performance. Particularly after the launch of the X1 Miner App’s Beta Version, the platform has excelled, especially in its miner sales. 

The app is now live on Android and iOS, having completed Phase 1, which included Wireframe and UI Design, User Onboarding, and Presale features. This beta offers a sneak peek at a premium product that encourages users to invite others and increase earnings in preparation for the mainnet launch.

Additionally, The X1 Miner App’s Beta introduces several features aimed at making mining more accessible and user-friendly. Upcoming enhancements include a Wallet, Send/Receive modules, a leaderboard, and a Community Section.

Furthermore, these improvements are designed to blend daily engagement with mining, enabling users to mine BDAG coins effortlessly. Its energy-efficient design ensures that mining activities are not a drain on smartphone resources, making it an ideal tool for everyday use.

Moreover, the X1 Miner App’s Beta has significantly impacted BlockDAG’s presale. By Batch 18, the coin price hit $0.0122, marking an impressive 1120% increase from Batch 1. This surge has brought in $50.4 million so far, highlighting growing investor confidence and a bright future for BlockDAG, spurred by innovative developments like the X1 Miner App.

Final Reflections 

The groundbreaking mobile mining capabilities of the X1 Miner Beta app have significantly improved accessibility and efficiency. This advancement has elevated BlockDAG’s standing beyond updates like Pyth price feeds and Ondo’s price increases. With an 1120% rise from its initial price and a presale exceeding $50.4 million, BlockDAG’s achievements underscore its exceptional growth and potential to lead the layer 1 blockchain space in a competitive market.

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