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BlockDAG Achieves $34M Milestone In Presale with Influencer Power, Outshining BCH and RUNE

BlockDAG Achieves $34M Milestone In Presale with Influencer Power, Outshining BCH and RUNE

Despite a modest upswing this week, Bitcoin Cash’s price has seen a slight downturn. Concurrently, THORChain remains robust in 2024, showcasing a notable increase in its value since the start of the year. Conversely, BlockDAG has become a focal point, thanks to effective influencer partnerships and a strong YouTube strategy, leading to a staggering presale collection of $34 million. 

This surge is bolstered by a $2 million promotional giveaway and an engaging event at Piccadilly Circus, which aims to significantly enhance user engagement and widen its investor base. BlockDAG promises a return potential of up to 30,000x, setting a new benchmark for investor expectations, potentially surpassing even the most profitable Bitcoin miners.

Analysis of Bitcoin Cash’s Price Fluctuations

Bitcoin Cash’s value dipped by 3.95% over the last day, although it had been climbing earlier in the week. Price movements on a daily and weekly basis show increased volatility, depicted by the gray Bollinger Bands on the chart.

Moreover, Bitcoin Cash’s trade volume has risen this past week, coinciding with a minor increase of 0.05% in its circulating supply, which now totals 19.71 million. Currently, Bitcoin Cash holds the 17th position by market capitalization in the crypto rankings.

THORChain (RUNE) Shows Resilience and Optimistic Prospects

Recent developments in ThorChain have shown that RUNE has maintained considerable resilience throughout 2024, experiencing a notable increase in its value since the beginning of the year. This increase has positively affected RUNE’s market capitalization and trading volume. However, it’s important to note that RUNE’s present value of $7.31 represents a 36% decrease from its highest annual value of $11.45, reached in the first quarter.

Nonetheless, the market outlook for ThorChain (RUNE) remains positive. Indicators suggest that the coin could experience additional growth. Market analysts remain hopeful, projecting that RUNE may achieve further gains by the end of the second quarter, provided the current upward trend persists.

BlockDAG’s Impact on Influencers and London’s Iconic Skyline

Rapidly becoming a standout name in the cryptocurrency industry, BlockDAG is garnering significant interest. It has successfully amassed $34 million in its latest presale, catching the eye of major tech giants and various members of the digital community. Influencers on platforms like YouTube, as well as traders, are actively promoting BlockDAG’s potential to become a major force in the market.

The company’s focus has recently expanded beyond just technology to include active engagement on digital platforms, particularly YouTube.

Influencers, such as Danjo Capital Master, are emphasizing BlockDAG’s transformative impact, portraying it as an investment with tremendous potential for high returns. 

Highlighting BlockDAG’s reliability, the influencer discussed the advanced mining technology, the $2 million giveaway, and the strong performance in its 15th presale batch, where it was priced at $0.009. This phase alone garnered an impressive $34 million, selling 9.9 billion coins and 6313 mining rigs, setting the groundwork for substantial growth.

Moreover, the success of BlockDAG’s presale was amplified by its prominent exhibition at Piccadilly Circus, which celebrated its listing on CoinMarketCap and introduced a $100 million liquidity initiative. This event significantly raised the platform’s profile and stimulated further interest in its offerings.


While Bitcoin Cash has shown a recent uptrend, its price continues to fall. In contrast, THORChain demonstrates resilience with a significant value increase this year. BlockDAG, however, distinguishes itself with a robust $34 million in presale, driven by influential endorsements, a strategic $2 million giveaway, and a striking showcase at Piccadilly Circus. With a potential for 30,000x returns and an ambitious timeline, BlockDAG is poised to become a major player in the cryptocurrency arena.

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