Blockchain, the new horizon for businesses


It is not always easy to get business leaders to see the need to take a leap forward into digitalization and into blockchain technologies like ledger books that securely record data without the possibility of modification or intervention. “The fact that consensus is needed from everyone involved makes this method even more secure. It’s how cryptocurrencies are governed, which have proven to be invulnerable at this time,” they explain.

According to predictions, within a year blockchain transactions at the corporate level will already exceed $19 billion. So now is the time to start, as an investor, to take a look at Binance automated trading in order to be able to act on the platform in an automated way and allowing to get involved with this ecosystem to get the most out of it.

The blockchain is becoming the perfect technology for industries that are looking for confidential and trustworthy environments. That is what really brings these types of digital economy solutions, which are becoming more successful in terms of security thanks to blockchain, the perfect ally of the healthcare industry and corporate payments.

As experts explain, avatars are going to start being key in order to have a virtual identity and be able to operate more agilely within new spaces such as the metaverse, always with blockchain as the selected method.

Just take a look, for example, at Binance, the platform where the highest volume of transactions is currently being generated in the crypto universe and digital assets. It is on this platform where we must take a look at the new economy that is pushing to make its way into the main investments of the most adventurous portfolios, and more and more traditional ones in their search for diversification.

Just like at one time futures markets were talked about, with cryptocurrencies it is possible to transact in the same line and also automate thanks to bots the movements of traders. “It is artificial intelligence, algorithms and big data the great ally of portfolios today. It is enough to give a series of guidelines so that it is not necessary to be 24 hours a day monitoring its fluctuation but they react to the market according to preferences to buy, sell or hold their products, getting the maximum possible return with the least risk,” they explain.

Even so, it is necessary to follow closely, in the field of cryptocurrencies, the changes that may come from the transition from PoW to PoS that Ethereum already advanced with great success. With this, massive investments are avoided in order to be able to invest, being also an algorithm the one that would choose who validates the operations of the blockchain chain based on probability and taking into account the number of tokens it handles. A whole revolution that, if true, will change the way we understand the digital world of cryptocurrencies again.

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