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Smartphones of today have changed how people communicate. These little devices pack some real heavy computing power, even for the low end models. As such, they have become mini computers that people can carry in their pockets, checking on emails, messaging and contacting people.

With 3.76 billion active global mobile social media users at the start of the year, no one can deny that smartphones are the way to go.

Sapien Network Native Apps

Sapien is a blockchain based social media platform that gives the power back to users. Where every social media platform sets its own rules and lives off selling user data to other companies, Sapien changes to landscape. It runs a transparent system and allows its users to completely customize their experience and maintain their privacy. 

Understanding the power of smartphones and the roles these devices play in everyday life of people, Sapien Network has launched its native mobile apps to let its users now connect with friends and likeminded people, on the move, wherever they are. With this, Sapien has become the first blockchain based social media platform that has launched Android and iOS applications. This means that anyone with a smartphone can access the platform, especially in developing countries where there is low penetration of computers, but a high one for smartphones.

CEO and Co-founder of Sapien Network, Ankit Bhatia was excited about the launch of the apps,

“We’re building a new kind of social network, one built on decentralization and privacy. The technology that enables us to provide this service is blockchain. As such, it’s fitting that we’ve now become, to our knowledge, the first blockchain-based social network to release native mobile apps for Android and iOS.”

Users interested in the mobile app beta test can apply here.

New Features & Contest

With its mobile native apps, Sapien Network has parallel launched a referral contest and a couple of features to help and excite its users:

  • Sapien Referral Contest: Users who refer friends and other people till 18th of June have a chance to win up to USD 250 equivalent in both ETH and the native Sapien token, SPN. Apart from the top referring users, subsequent 9 users will also be getting ETH and SPN. The total prizes are worth USD 1,000. Users also have a chance to get their hands on exclusive Sapien merchandise. Win the prizes by joining the contest today.
  • Free Charges: Sapien is a democratic social network that allows users to promote and encourage content creators by rewarding them with SPN tokens. For a small time, every Sapien user who is verified will be rewarded with 10 Charges per day to reward their favorite content creators. One Charge holds 100 SPN tokens and with 10 Charges per day, this means users have 1,000 SPN tokens to give to people who create original content.
  • Help Center: The launch of the Sapien Help Center gives all of its users a customer experience where they are given the priority. Continually evolving, it holds a database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and Customer Services Representatives ready to assist any issues faced by its users. As the Help Center grows, it will contain a trove of information that can assist its users, such as How To tutorials and walkthroughs on a range of subjects pertaining to the platform, such as using the Sapien Network and its native SPN token. Users can visit the Help Center at any time by following this link. As the Sapien Network grows, the Help Center will be incorporating more and more information to help and assist Sapien users.

Sapien Partnerships

In addition to the launch of its mobile applications, contest and help center, Sapien Network team has been actively creating partnerships with different platforms. The aim is to create a Pan-Platform environment that brings benefits to all of their users.

Biconomy is a blockchain platform that creates an intelligent layer of infrastructure to bring in ease for users to transact in crypto tokens. Biconomy will enable users of Sapien Network to transact in the native SPN token without worrying about paying the Ethereum network GAS. This partnership will bring more financial freedom to the Sapien users and will give millions of people around the world a reason to use the social media platform.

“Ankit and his team have constantly delivered in the past and the Sapien platform is perfectly suited to attract the next wave of users into blockchain.” Biconomy CEO Ahmed Al-Balaghisaid said, “With Biconomy’s integration we will further enhance the user experience and help them achieve their goal faster!” 

Sapien Network has also joined hands with 1World Online, another blockchain based platform, but this time bringing decentralized powered monetization and interactivity Using 1World Widgets integrated in different communities, Sapien Network will engage its users through polls, trivia and surveys according to their preferences. Users who engage with 1World Widgets will be rewarded with loyalty points, redeemable in their local 1WO token, Bitcoin and even fiat.

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