Blockchain + Reality TV + Combat Sports = A Marriage Made in Hollywood 

Is film and TV ready for blockchain disruption? For Hollywood to truly capitalize on fan engagement, it’s time for a solution that looks more like 2020 than 2002. Enter Fight To Fame, an upcoming blockchain-based project that hopes to combine the spirit of reality television with robust technology sure to usher in a new age of engagement with your favorite entertainment—all with the goal of finding the world’s next global action superstar. This marriage of old and new shares a laser focus on disrupting three massive industries: film, television, and sports entertainment. 

The idea for Fight to Fame came out of solving the deeply flawed, trillion-dollar industry of combat fighting. Combined with a clear need for new generation of Action Movie stars, the project all comes together clearly. Fight To Fame is an ambitious project with the goal of finding the world’s next great fighting Action Star. Their upcoming Reality TV show will follow hopefuls through a series of challenges, supported by World Champions and fans, for a chance at a lucrative career in feature films.

Up until now, this style of competition would have been structured much like any of the competition programs that came before it—for example, old-school talent shows like American Idol or America’s Got Talent. A combination of a weekly TV show with judges and some element of fan voting, whether by phone, text, tweets or online. But with the early aughts of the new millennium well behind us, and a new decade just ahead, it’s time for a modern solution. The nature of the platform requires that the tech behind it can handle contracts, voting, payments, fan engagement, and more. With such a tall ask, Fight To Fame is taking to the blockchain in an unprecedented move for entertainment.

The project is supported by global Champion Ambassadors like Chris Van Heerden of South Africa and Rigan Machado, known for training stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Wiz Khalifa. These local ambassadors are helping spread the word about the project and making sure it’s accessible to everyone, something that has never been done before but is possible now. 

Machado, who recently joined the project, commented on the vast opportunity this project creates for fighters around the world, “I’ve dedicated my life to mentoring and uplifting the next generation of talented fighters, not just in my home country of Brazil, but around the world, believe that nurturing the minds and talents of our young people is the key to investing in the collective betterment of humanity. Fight To Fame was created by leaders who also believe in this mission, and I couldn’t be more proud to join them in making this vision a global reality.”

Fight To Fame’s business plan has an enormous scope, literally. The international project has opened casting around the globe to help guarantee that the right person is propelled to stardom, regardless of socioeconomic background or country of origin. But that’s just part of it. Fans from around the world will also be able to participate via blockchain technology that will enable voting and other types of token-based support for fighters they want to support through the journey.  

The Fight To Fame white paper, released earlier this month, shares a big vision for how blockchain will be used in all aspects of the project and enable everything from contracts with the fighters to merchandise and brand deals. 

Managing multiple countries and their currencies, not to mention local rules and regulations on entertainment and contract verification and ledgers, would have been a nightmare without the type of technology Fight To Fame is building. Their platform ultimately intends to enable a seamless experience for fans and fighters no matter where they are located, and also allow for new types of engagement between fans and their favorite fighters. 

The team plans to launch the reality show in 2020 and casting is currently underway around the world. Preliminary visits to Africa and Asia show strong public support for the project, as well as a wealth of untapped talent—many global athletes have already submitted impressive audition videos. One thing is for certain: whether the bigwigs of entertainment are ready or not, blockchain is coming for Hollywood—and Fight To Fame is sure to pack a punch. 

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