Blockchain Payment and Digital Lifestyle: Interview with Mark Arthur, founder and CEO of Paiblock


Mark Arthur is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Paiblock, a fintech platform that provides a secure place for people to enjoy a digital lifestyle through blockchain and AI-powered payment and in-app banking. Mark shares more details with us in an exclusive interview with TechBullion.

What is Paiblock?

Paiblock is a blockchain based and AI powered payment and digital lifestyle platform that helps consumers gather all the dots of the digital life in one secure place. You could think of Paiblock as a virtual shopping center with banks, stores and safe deposit boxes for valuables and ID credentials, opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

What unique services is Paiblock bringing to the fintech market?

As a one-stop-shop financial platform, Paiblock includes payments, digital banking, and identity credentials management. In a traditional payment or banking platform, consumers log onto the platform, pay, wire money and leave, they will not return to the platform until there is a need to pay and wire money. Paiblock is in contrast a companion dapp that is part of everyday life; starting with a cup of coffee on the go in the morning, earning cashback by going shopping places in the afternoon, without leaving the comfort of the couch, adding payment, loyalty and social security cards, sending money to friends and families; to finally checking a bank account status before heading to bed. All this is done without leaving the app. This makes Paiblock a lifestyle platform and that sets us apart from the competition.

Who is Paiblock for and what is the level of demand for a product like this?

Paiblock is for people who enjoy a digital lifestyle, consumers in search of a better overview of their finances, retail banking customers looking for a seamless way to access current, mortgage and savings accounts, and to manage student loan and credit card debt more effectively, and finally businesses and governments agencies that see an advantage in pushing bills and digital identification media and credentials into users wallets. 

The demand for Paiblock services has risen considerably over last year for two reasons. On the one hand the increasing need to understand and manage debt, investment and savings in ways that are effective, and the growing demand for automated end-to-end processes that can help unlock new insights that allow consumers to understand their options on the other hand.

Tell us more about your recent transition into combining blockchain and artificial intelligence, what is new in the Paiblock technology?

At Paiblock we have worked with unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology from inception, one of the most important milestones in combining blockchain and AI is the achievement of zero-knowledge proof, which is currently being rolled out across our platforms. When fully rolled out, zero-knowledge proof will allow users to access services across web and mobile platforms without disclosing any confidential information such as password, contributing to both enhanced privacy and security.

Could you give us a walkthrough of how to add social security cards and driving license to the Paiblock digital lifestyle account?

Adding a social security card into Paiblock is part of a new set of features that we’ve rolled out recently in 34 countries. This can be done in a simple four steps process. Log into the app, navigate to citizens’ wallets, tap add, choose your country and add your card.

At what level of development is the Paiblock app, any current opportunities for investors and partnerships? 

Our Series A Funding was interrupted by the COVID19 outbreak earlier this year, we are reopening the round next year to consolidate our global user base, and to scale digital banking in Europe, USA and Canada. On the other hand, we are seeking partnership with banks to help automate end-to-end business processes such as customer onboarding and account opening so that Paiblock users can open bank accounts, apply for loans, and sign bank contracts from home and without leaving the platform. 

Who are the experts behind this project and how safe is Paiblock?

Paiblock core team has a track record of successful exits across diverse verticals and together over 50 years of operating experience. 

Paiblock is a regulated platform that is built on blockchain and is heavily resorting to machine learning and artificial intelligence based security to protect Paiblock users against intruders. Paiblock is supervised by the FInancial Services Authority

Do you have more information for our readers?

At Paiblock, we have increasingly automated end-to-end business processes, leveraging a decade experience in building organizational capabilities and talent to sustain continuous innovation and execution beyond initial proof of concept and business. As a result Paiblock users can interact with banks, stores, and governments without leaving platform.

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