Blockchain Fuse to Mesh Network will change the everyone‘s way to use the Internet

The Internet has transformed this blue planet into a global village. Although only a short period of two decades, the Internet has undergone several stages of development. At this stage, the biggest change is as follows:

Turn to the mobile Internet

Nowadays, the development of Internet has not been able to meet the needs of users in many aspects, and it faces a series of problems in the implementation of many communication layers and application scenarios. For example, poor security leads to difficulty in management and limited functions when facing unpredictable situation. The current Internet structure has not been able to adapt to or even hinder the further development of Internet applications. This is mainly due to the fact that the current Internet environment and the initial design of the Internet have appeared to be very different. The main form of Internet has shifted from the traditional Internet to the mobile Internet. The emergence of mobile terminals has not just resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of users and the bandwidth of the Internet. But more importantly, the emergence of new networks, computing technologies, new business applications and business models has put forward new demands for the Internet.

Internet tree structure

The Internet communication platform built on the basis of physical structures such as optical fibers and cables is a world-wide huge computer network composed of various types and scales of independently operated and managed computer networks based on common protocols. It is a common set of information resources and shared resources. The computer networks that make up Internet include small-scale (LAN), city-scale (MAN), large-scale (WAN) and etc. These networks connect universities, companies, research institutes, military and government organizations in different countries through lines such as ordinary telephone lines, high-speed dedicated lines, satellites, microwaves, fiber optic cables and etc.



However, the limitation of the tree-like graphics transmission requires that when nodes in two different-sized LANS or MANS need to establish interactions to form information interaction, they must first transmit information to the local area network, regional network, or wide area network. The central server is then transmitted from the physical layer architecture that connects the different central servers to the other end. The information received by the central server in the other zone reacts to the nodes you want to conduct.

Therefore, the straight-ended problem of the central server network is that a large amount of bandwidth resources will be wasted between the transmission of various servers, and the load rate of the servers will increase, which will affect the use efficiency and lead to the waste of social resources. At the same time, the central server network stores data collectively through servers and data centers, making the data vulnerable to attacks. On the basis of more and more attention to network security, different components of the service depend on each other in the application which is based on a central server network. Failure of one component will cause excessive damage to the entire system, and the fault tolerance system is low.


However, the Mesh network has emerged. Distributed node composition allows us to have different thoughts for the construction of the network.

In a wireless mesh network, a mesh-type jump based on Ad-Hoc(point-to-point) technology can realize the idea that any mobile terminal device node acts as an AP (ACCESS POINT) and router at the same time. Each node in the network can send and receive signals, and each node can directly communicate with one or more peer nodes. If the flow is too large and a relay node is congested, the data can be automatically rerouted to a neighboring node with a relatively small flow to transmit it. By analogy, the data packet can continue to be routed to the next nearest node for transmission according to the network flow until it reaches the final destination, greatly reducing the waste of bandwidth. Each node is independent of each other and does not need to store and transmit data through the central server, thereby reducing the risk of network security caused by servers-attack.

Features of Mesh Network

Its characteristics can be simply summarized as:


For a Mesh node joined into Mesh network, the only thing you need to do is to take out the Mesh device and turn on the power. Then, this node will “recognize” the other same type Mesh devices and connect each other automatically.

Moreover, users can also add more nodes to enhance wireless network signals and their coverage.


Not only can it be used in places where most of the wired networks can be used, such as companies, campuses, hotels, hospitals, and etc., but also it can be used in places where is hard to reach with wired networks, such as large warehouses, port terminals, military exercise sites, islands, mountains, emergency communications and other application scenarios.


The Mesh network is expandable. The signal can automatically select the best path to transit from one user to another, eventually reaching the purpose of signal expansion and enlargement, increasing its network coverage.

Safety Repair

Mesh network performs more robustly than normal network because it relies not just on the performance of a single node. In a traditional network, if a problem occurs in a node during transmission, the entire network system may fail to work. If one major node fails, the entire network may collapse. But in Mesh network, because its node design has multiple transmission routes, even if one intermediate node is failed, the original data still can automatically reroute to destination by using backup path.


In a traditional single-hop network, the AP is shared by all devices. If multiple devices share the same network, it may lead to communication congestion and reduce the overall system operating speed. In advanced Mesh network, devices can share through multiple paths, so the overall performance of the system will not be affected.

The emergence of Mesh network naturally solves and contains problems arising from the large-scale application of centralized networks.

Its comprehensiveness, including self-expansion, self-organization, self-management, self-repair and self-balancing technical characteristics, is bound to be the future direction of the Internet.

Business ecology is the value exchange based on information exchange.

Business Ecology of Mesh Network

As a new direction for the future development of world network, Mesh network has the characteristics of decentralization, point-to-point distribution, continuous expansion, and self-management. It has shown tremendous development advantages in information transmission, but its lock application at the value layer has not been fully excavated with the gradual improvement of its function. Its value exchange function has not been fully realized.

The promotion and development of things need to build their own business ecosystem to drive their development. This is the embodiment of development law at the level of value, and it is indispensable.

About our research 

We created a new blockchain technology Named it as “ Intellishare Eco” (INI), could perfectly solve the problem we mentioned before.

The core of blockchain is to lock the values. The INI uses the blockchain technology to perfectly create such a self-organized, self-expanding business ecosystem, thus, forms an ecological environment that delivers and locks the values for Mesh Network.

INI has constructed a distributed, self-expandable Mesh network validation system that uses each single node to confirm under common protocols. On the basis of the confirmation of distributed information data, the multi-dimensional ecological applications will be further built around the commercialization of Mesh networks, from the information-confirm to the value-exchange, from the confirmation of distributed single nodes to the promotion of the entire distributed community, and from the identification of single structure to the identification of accurate structures , combining the underlying blockchain distributed ledger system, thus, provide a distinctive and versatile Mesh commercialization system.

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