Blockchain Every Day? SLOBLOCO Thinks so.


If blockchain technology has proven to be anything, its dynamic. Blockchain has been used in the supply chain to track the origin of everything from diamonds to ensuring the ethical sourcing of food products. Blockchains, by their very nature, create permanent ledgers of the transactions that take place across them and this means that there is practically no sector in which it cannot be applied. From politics to commerce to even fashion, it seems there is no stopping blockchain moving forward. Now, the upcoming  SLOBLOCO 2020 congress plans to explore all these possibilities and more. 

SLOBLOCO 2020 and Its Talking Points

The upcoming congress will last for two days, November 16-18, 2020, and will explore a range of blockchain-related topics. It is being supported by Kelta Cube ltd and is expected to attract international participation when it begins. Besides the uses of blockchain in the life of the everyday consumer, the congress will also touch on cryptocurrency trading, which has seen a spike in interaction since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per the official website, the following topics will be covered; safety and insurance, taxation, legislative issues, crypto exchange, and crypto-wallets. 

 A particularly interesting case study to be looked into is that of the world’s first blockchain chocolate which was created as a collaboration between 3IPK, Lyra, and DECENT. The first batch, which consisted of 68 chocolate bars, were created using blockchain technology and unveiled by Kelta Cube ltd last year. Through the screening of a QR code printed on the exterior of the chocolate bar, the entire creation process could be accessed by the consumer. 

This includes the harvesting of the cocoa plant in Columbia to the creation of the final product in Slovakia. The entire process comprises 13 steps which the consumer can see at any time. This has immense potential, not just within the sweets and confectionery industry but also in the food industry in general. It should also be considered that the need to track people and objects will increase significantly following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

International Speakers and Developments With Kelta Ltd

The congress is also generating buzz because of the various international speakers who will grace the occasion. There is also a great deal of interest in the specific topics that they will be covering. Firstly, one of the keynote speakers will be the former Minister of finance of the Slovak republic,  Ivan Mikloš.

One of the most anticipated topics to be tabled is the treatment and taxation on income from cryptocurrency trading and mining. This will be presented by Ing. Ina Kováčová Bečková, PhD, the CEO of the Atlas Group. It is especially anticipated because many countries, especially in Europe, are re-orienting their cryptocurrency-related taxation laws and thus, this topic is more relevant than ever.

The congress will take place in the Slovak republic and is being supported by a number of companies including Kelta, the Atlas Group, Kraken, Covida, Trezor, Lyra and others. As of now, it is expected that over 50,000 people from around the world will tune in to the congress which will be broadcast live. 

The upcoming congress is not the only recent move made by Kelta Cube ltd. Just this month, it was announced that the company would be expanding its reach of cryptocurrency ATMs around the world and not just in their home country of Slovakia. This also comes as  cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide have increased significantly in the last year. Needless to say, Kelta Cube ltd likely has a very lucrative business model on its hands. 

The Relevance of The Congress

Besides the timeliness of discussing a technology that enables seamless tracking during a global pandemic, blockchain is very much gearing up to be one of the dominant technologies of the future. A congress dedicated to exploring its possible use in the lives of consumers is more relevant than ever and having a varied list of keynote speakers is sure to drive home the global message that is cryptocurrency. 

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