How Is Blockchain Disrupting The Gaming Industry?

Blockchain technology has been a big revolution to various industries – from fashion to luxury goods, financial services, and just about any industry you can think of. The gaming industry is not left out of this revolution.

Like most technology, blockchain is an enabler that can be deployed for use in any area. It is a leading software first deployed for use in cryptocurrency that is now the preferred option for digital assets as it offers safety, security and integrity like none other.

It has been used as a tool for analysis, innovation, buying and selling, transacting, building and developing other technology.

Blockchain technology cuts out the controlling middle man influencing things behind closed doors and allows for transparency, trust and integrity of transactions and exchanges of digital assets.

The Ether Legends system innovatively uses this technology to bring about the much needed solutions in the online card gaming industry. The Ether Legends ecosystem is built around being able to convert physical collectible trading cards to digital assets, one of the many features. These cards can be traded, sold and played online in a marketplace community with players all around the world. Ownership of digital assets on the marketplace are secured by blockchain technology.

The Ether Legends platform is decentralized, free from middlemen and centralized controlling authorities. It is entirely a skill based game that is swift, secure and reliable.

The system is run on a peer to peer based model that allows for verification of results in a matter that is easy and publicly verifiable. All transactions performed on the Ether Legends platform are made publicly available. They are fraud and corruption free as all gaming data including results, rewards, wins, losses, transactions, balances, asset redemptions and more.

Players in the Ether Legends ecosystem have full digital ownership of their assets. The information cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.

One of the innovative qualities of Ether Legends is the graphical user interface, including stunning illustrative design and artwork. There are over 150 unique cards in the first release “For Glory and Treasure” with beautiful artwork available on each and every trading card.

The reward system used on the Ether Legends platform is driven by the Elementeum token which has the symbol name ELET. The Elementeum token sale will begin on February 15, 2018 over multiple phases within 49 days. There are a total of 50,000,000 ERC-20 compliant tokens available. The maximum amount of tokens that are buyable are only 35,000,000 with the rest set aside for founders and advisors, bounty and development, vendors and partners, and as game rewards.

The First phase in the token sale Price is 1 ETH = 2000 ELET  lasting for 14 days, followed by 5 phases that decrease by 20% each week until reaching 1 ETH = 1000 ELET. Although Elementeum is based on the Ethereum platform and only currently exchangeable with Ehereum, The Ether Legends team is working to ensure that exchanges of game tokens and digital assets can be made with others after the token sale is completed.

More information is available on the Ether Legends website, whitepaper, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Additional information can also be sought via email to or using the contact page.

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