Blockchain Based Crypto Fund Launched By Coefficient Ventures

One of the most innovative traditional financial systems in the world Coefficient Ventures is seeking to launch its second blockchain based crypto fund called “Chance Ventures.” This new crypto fund to be launched is backed by two strategic partners ex-SV Angel managing partner David Lee and Ontology.

Coefficient Ventures

Since its inception, Coefficient Ventures have been keen on bringing decentralized solutions to the traditional investing system, and that is why it has announced the launch of the Chance Ventures a blockchain based crypto fund. This soon-to-be-launched crypto fund is backed by Ontology and SV Angel managing partner David Lee. With the launch of this crypto fund, Coefficient Ventures will be able to connect resources together from all over the world to build a strategic global fund.

Prior to this time, Coefficient Ventures launched its original platform that sought to address certain drawbacks that are associated with traditional venture capital investing; such as the loss of control that companies face when they receive funds from capital ventures. Ordinarily, when venture capitals (VC’s) inject a significant amount of money and resources to a company in its early phase, they would want to be heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the company. The venture capital partners could end up having an aggressive say in the company, although, this depends on the size of the investment. The people behind Coefficient Ventures understand what this means for businesses and is currently offering a community-driven and more democratized solution through this blockchain based platform.

Its Design

This crypto fund to be launched has been designed in such a way that it will hold the fundamental principle of community governance, capital held in crypto assets, and inclusivity. Chance Ventures will totally focus on more strategic investments with a strong emphasis on the strategic value of the company as well as media for equity. According to the team behind this blockchain based crypto fund, Chance Ventures will have about $50 million in capital and would be used solely for investing.

The Idea Behind Chance Ventures

The idea behind Chance Ventures is to fill the gap that exists between Eastern and Western funds. Generally, Asian markets have not been funded enough; this new crypto fund understands this, no wonder it seeks to invest in certain top-tier Asian platforms or projects, at the same time investing in American projects. This is done to ensure that the gap that exists between these two sides are filled and also foster a worldwide ecosystem that will be able to affirm the power of a global fund.

Key Partners

One of the key partners of Chance Ventures David Lee, while speaking stated that he invested in this project to help further develop its efforts as well as ensure that businesses are properly funded. Prior to this time, Lee has invested in certain companies like; Airbnb, Pinterest, Slack, Dropbox, etc.

Another key partner of this crypto fund Ontology and its founder Li Jun have commended the effort of Coefficient Ventures and how they seek to impact crypto fund to support more and more projects.


The launch of this crypto fund will help grow many businesses as well as offer solutions to some of the major problems facing these businesses.

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