Blockchain and the Future of Alternative Investments: Interview with the CEO of DarcMatter on Partnership with #Hashed.

Sang Lee is the CEO of DarcMatter, a revolutionary fintech platform built to give investors a more transparent and efficient process to access quality alternative investment opportunities. DarcMatter recently announced its partnership with crypto fund #Hashed to boost the future of alternative investments and strengthen blockchain’s impact throughout Asia. CEO Sang Lee will be discussing this partnership with us in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Sang Lee and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of DarcMatter.  I’m formerly an aspiring physicist and became a financial engineer and an investment banker. I became an entrepreneur because I had first-hand experience and visibility into the inefficiencies of the financial services system and how much inequality there was in wealth management.

2) Briefly tell us about the two companies involved in this partnership; What is DarcMatter and What is #Hashed?

DarcMatter is a global award winning FinTech platform connecting the alternative fund universe.  We have investors from over 25 countries and 150+ funds that are utilizing the platform and we plan on expanding aggressively both in terms of fund products and geographic reach.

#Hashed is a top-tier global blockchain focused fund, incubator and community builder with offices in Seoul, South Korea and San Francisco, CA.

Their mission is to accelerate the global enablement of blockchain through community building and impact investing.

With extensive experience and reach into the South Korean and Asian markets, as well as San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Hashed aims to set global standards for ground breaking blockchain startups.

3) What is the sole aim and benefits of this partnership?

As a top global investor #Hashed is able to bring expertise about the industry and also supports our mission of expanding throughout Asia. We would like to also assist in #Hashed becoming more pervasive in the traditional financial industry as well. Our experiences and vision for our respective companies are very aligned, and are rooted in the core premise of increasing transparency and efficiency throughout financial markets globally.  

4) How will you explain Alternative Investments to our readers and what specific types of investments are you focusing on?

Alternative investments are widely misunderstood because of the opacity in the market. However, it’s becoming a core component of investment portfolios everywhere.  Any assets outside of traditional stocks, bonds and cash, are considered alternative investments. This also includes blockchain and every investor needs to incorporate these investments to protect their portfolios.

DarcMatter focuses on hedge funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds currently, with plans to expand product offerings in the future as well, based on investor interest.

5) What is the market size of the Asian Blockchain market and which specific countries will you cover in this project?

The Asian blockchain market is hard to estimate, but it’s definitely very large.  Korea, China and Japan are the primary markets and development hubs for blockchain projects.  DarcMatter already has operations in China and Korea and we plan to continue to expand in the region.  

6) Do you have any available opportunities for investors?

We are currently working with over 150 funds on the platform reflecting over 6.5 Bn in AUM including hedge fund strategies, venture capital funds as well as private equity funds.  We also have a blockchain project live, focused on integrating blockchain technology into the DarcMatter platform. For more information, visit!

7) Do you have any roadmap or stages you will like us lookout for in this mission?

I think the blockchain industry will have a keen focus on the actual use cases.  We plan to integrate our user base into the blockchain this year.

8) Do you have any other strategic partnerships or companies involved in this mission?

As mentioned we are working with some of the world’s top funds and we are continuing to expand our user base to some of the world’s top-tier investors and funds. We are finalizing terms with key strategic investors, and look forward to sharing more partnership announcements in the near future.

9) Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

We come from a diverse background which allows us to bring different expertise to the table, including technology, financial services and marketing.  Our founding team has been working together for over 4 years and are deeply passionate about moving toward our vision: Using technology create transparency and efficiency for global financial services. Given our team’s global reach and operations, we are able to provide support for our clients at all times.

10) Do you have any compliance and security concerns?

We are compliance experts and continue to utilize these skills on the front lines every day, as we build and release platform features for our clients. As much as people are skittish about regulations we are in the industry of propelling it forward in the most responsible fashion.  

11) Do you have more information for our readers?

Our vision is to become the first fully integrated and decentralized financial network in the world that provides access to all classes of investment opportunities to maximize efficiencies and enhance investor’s wealth creation capabilities globally.

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