Blockchain and Business: 7 Success Stories

Cryptocurrency may be a new concept for you, but it has been around for a while and is an industry that has enjoyed great success. In every industry, some people are always ready to take risks and increase their chances of success. 

Case in point, there are people in this industry who also freely invested in cryptocurrency in their own time and have started pouring in the money. is the perfect place for those of you who need an idea of the risk involved and how to function. 

You can make bets and wagers, which will help you get used to the market, making it easier for you to perform well in any of the industries you choose to bet on. There is no guarantee that cryptocurrencies will pay off. Here are some success stories of people who took the risk and are now enjoying their success.

Daniel Crocker: Bought a house using coins

Daniel used to work as a trainee in an IT company in 2012. That’s when he found out about blockchain and cryptocurrency. He told his colleagues about the extra income. Of course, they didn’t believe him and were not ready for the risk that came along. 

Daniel went solo and decided to invest in it. He kept these coins for eight years, and they continued to rise in value.

Kristoffer Koch: The Forgotten Treasure

In 2009, Kristoffer was busy writing his master’s thesis on cryptography and encryption technology at a university in Norway. There, he came to know about the concept of Blockchain. He was Curious about what it was, which led him to spend about $26 and win 5,000 bitcoins

After hearing the news about bitcoins, he redeemed some of them. He made some calculations that showed that Kristoffer had become a millionaire by then. Even after redeeming a Fifth of the total, he still has 4000 bitcoins to his name.

Erick Finnman: The Teenage Billionaire

In 2011, Eric Finman, a 12-year-old, received a luxurious $1,000 gift from his grandmother. He used it for cryptocurrency mining and started an online education company called Botangle. Investors offered to buy the company for $1000 or 300 bitcoins

The only reason he didn’t sell was the bet he made with his parents that if he were a millionaire by the time he was 18,  he would go to college. Simply put, Eric had no intention of going to college. 

Javed Khan: Bentley with Bitcoin

Javed Khan invested in cryptocurrencies around 2018 when bitcoin was around $3000. Instead of continuously withdrawing small amounts, he saw every time he let the money rest in the account, as the value went up. 

He saw a pattern and started buying whenever the prices went down. From there, he became so successful that he bought a Bentley with the money he made through bitcoin.

James Saye: Free Paid Vacation

In 2017, when James felt hesitant about investing in Bitcoin, he went ahead and took the risk. He put £500 from his savings into Bitcoin. A couple of years later, as the prices went up by more than 500%, he cashed out his £2500 and used it for a nice and expensive vacation in Iceland.

Kane Ellis: Australian Mining Entrepreneur

Kane Ellis somehow seems to be among the first investors. He hopped on the trend and bought bitcoins when it was worth $1.60. Also, after this investment, he started his own company called Nerd Hat. 

Although the company didn’t do well, the investment he made as a joke turned out to be a treasure. A treasure valuable enough to buy him a $200,000 Maserati from a small portion of what he invested in 2010.

Jeremey Gardner: How to Successfully Retire Early

In 2013, Jeremy realized that anyone could make money with an active internet connection by sending money to others. It was then he turned toward bitcoin and started investing. He took out most of his saved amount and withdrew his stock holdings as well, and invested it all into crypto.

Soon enough, the prices rose, and Jeremy became a millionaire before 30. The conclusion to all of it is he successfully executed his early retirement plan.  


There are a lot of different stories of people who took the plunge and risked it all in the past and are enjoying their success now. Out of all those, these are some of the most inspiring stories that will motivate you towards working hard and taking risks. 

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