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Blitz Labs is building the ultimate one-stop shop for cross-chain crypto activities

Blitz Labs is building the ultimate one-stop shop for cross-chain crypto activities

Blitz Labs – a WEB3 collective dedicated to developing tools, services, and products, aims to build a one-stop cross-chain shop where users can conveniently complete all of their tasks without unnecessary complexity, in one site, while paying the least fees possible.

The first project to be launched under the Blitz Labs brand is BLITZSale, which will also be included in the overall endeavor.

$BLITZ Token

$BLITZ is the primary token utilized by the products and services of Blitz Labs. In order to grow the value of the token with price action, scarcity and underlying value; Blitz will be a fixed supply token that is deflationary by nature.

What benefits do Blitz token holders have?

– Dividends paid in stables out to $BLITZ holders from profit streams coming from Blitz Labs services & products

– Buybacks, which result in a higher price floor and a larger LP

$BLITZ will also facilitate Blitz Labs governance and allow holders to contribute to the network’s evolution. The vast majority of $BLITZ tokens are owned by the community.

Revenue Distribution System

Profits from Blitz Labs products and services after the deduction of operating costs (Opex) will be used to achieve three main goals:

  • Paying out dividends in stables to $Blitz token holders.
  • Increase available resources for Blitz ecosystem to continue building quality and new income generation avenues for Blitz token holders.
  • Logistics focused on achieving long-term sustainability and growth.

Blitz Labs products & services


BLITZSale will be launched in 2 phases — First phase will be as a Launchpad.

Is a decentralized Launchpad that allows anyone to create their own token, raise capital and kick start a new project with the cross chain presale service in just a few clicks.

There is no need for coding; simply navigate through BLITZSale DApp, design your token, and launch it. BlitzSale also provides a number of other features to assist you with the overall token launch, such as assisting with the listing of your token on DEX, locking your LP, and adding a vesting period for team tokens.

BLITZSale will have phase 2 services that provide a one-stop-shop for all projects to consult for: advisory, full-stack development and a multi-service support including, but not limited to contracts, tokenomics, marketing, leadership and support on all levels for project needs, by providing a valuable and knowledgeable team members who are able to assist off-chain businesses to bridge over, Blitz Labs is able to help projects who are facing obstacles on moving forward.


Decentralized safeguard that allows anyone to lock liquidity tokens or ERC20 team tokens with the option of adding a vesting period to your tokens.


Surprise product to be announced shortly before the launch of the BLITZSale.


A decentralized exchange aggregator that uses algorithmic routing technology to ensure that your trade is completed at the best possible price. Very user-friendly, advanced features, cross-chain compatibility, and lightning-fast speeds will empower your DeFi trading and provide you with the competitive advantage you require.


Decentralized cross-chain multi sender allowing anyone to efficiently send thousands of tokens to multiple addresses by batching the transfers and automating the process.



A quick, trustless, low-cost, and dependable method of exchanging value and data between blockchain networks. Framework designed for seamlessly arbitrary cross-chain interactions.


Blitz Labs is a WEB3 collective dedicated to developing cross-chain tools, services, and products that make basic crypto activities such as, but not limited to, participating in presales, exchanging tokens, bridging, as simple as possible and without unnecessary complexity.

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Company: Blitz Labs

Contact name: GoldenBoy


Location: Germany



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