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Blitz Broker Free Crypto Brokerage Training and Certification Program

The BLITZ BROKER Program is a training course designed to help anyone become a professional and profitable broker. It includes training, examination, and a certificate that establishes a recognized industry standard. It is a unique offering unmatched across the industry and it is available for FREE. By becoming a certified Blitz Broker, you will learn the skills needed to broker deals for a whole range of clients and to build a successful crypto brokerage business of your own.

Our training and education program is designed to turn you into a professional and profitable broker, while our exams and certifications will allow you to demonstrate you have reached an important industry standard.

Our team has been brokering crypto deals since 2013 when the price of Bitcoin crossed $1,000 for the first time and Ethereum had not even been launched yet. Now, we want to share all our accumulated knowledge with anyone who wants to be a professional, profitable crypto broker to serve their local community’s liquidity needs. We also provide follow-up support and technical resources to help you get up and running once you have completed the program.

The Blitz Broker training program gives you all you need to establish a localized crypto liquidity service as part of our global system. We give face-to-face coaching at our offices. Contrarily, we also offer remote learning through video lessons and in-person webinars at your leisure. One of the most significant advantages of the Blitz Broker program is the fact that all our participants are taught by experienced crypto brokers who do this job every day.

Our sessions are approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length and most participants or members complete them on a part-time basis. In total, the program is around 20 hours at present but we expect to extend this in the future. Our certificate is a new industry standard for cryptocurrency brokers that confirms your skills and signals to clients that they can expect the highest principles, servicing, communication, execution, and regulatory knowledge when dealing with you. The certificate is recognized as a privilege that must be earned and maintained.

If you’re ambitious, willing to learn, and interested in developing a localized crypto liquidity service that your community can benefit from, this program is perfect for you. It will teach you all you need to know about crypto and brokering, even if you have no experience at all. We aim to help all our newly certified Blitz Brokers to prosper and succeed, which is why we offer additional resources and support once your training has been completed. These include access to other Blitz Brokers via our global network of localized crypto liquidity, the use of a new peer-to-peer trading platform to manage your brokering activities, and notification of job opportunities within the Blitz Broker Network, when available.

We accept applications from anyone. You do not need any cryptocurrency or brokering knowledge to apply and we will accept candidates based on their passion for the program, their ability to learn, and their willingness to develop a professional, communicative style.



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