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Blazer Agency Is Helping D2C eCommerce Brands Accelerate Their Growth in 30 Days

The popular digital marketing agency works as the growth partner for direct-to-consumer brands and helps them scale their business with proven media strategies and data-driven ad creatives.

​​Blazer Agency is a popular digital marketing and advertising agency focusing on performance marketing to help eCommerce brands boost their growth within a month. They have positioned themselves as a 100% performance-oriented eCommerce marketing agency, helping their clients boost their results, revenue, and the overall ROI within first months of association. Backed by an amazingly young, hard-working team striving to thrive for results, this eCommerce marketing agency has already generated millions for its clients using cutting-edge performance marketing strategies, including Facebook and TikTok ads. With a focus on boosting revenue through new customer acquisition, average order value increase, and frequent customer buys, Blazer Agency can significantly increase client results over a period of 1-2 months on average.

This digital marketing agency offers a range of creative packages full of services perfectly suitable for e-Commerce brands that already use Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Each package includes competitor analysis, current ads, analysis, research & copy mining, target audience analysis, pain point analysis, creative brainstorming, and art direction, along with direct access to two video editors, a dedicated copywriter, one dedicated designer, and one dedicated creative director. They currently offer a basic, best value, and exclusive package depending on their client’s needs.

Speaking about their creative ad process, one of the company’s officials said, “A thorough testing step is conducted on each of our creatives. First, we produce advertising using our fantastic research. Second, we deploy these advertisements using insightful data. Thirdly, we rework them (based on our results) to improve, strengthen, and make your advertising perform even harder for your brand. We repeat this process until your advertisements are profitable for you. We work with you to produce monstrously delicious advertising campaigns that will propel your brand skyward.”

In addition to Facebook & Instagram ads, TikTok ads, Google ads, email & SMS marketing, and ad creatives, the popular eCommerce marketing agency also offers UGC management, where they grant their clients access to a top-tier group of creative strategists, in-house creators, and experienced video editors to get control over the produced content, and a CRO team that helps small businesses, local eCommerce stores, enterprises, and multiple-location companies increase their store conversion rate and customer lifetime value.

The fast-growing digital advertising agency recently helped one client scale their health and wellness niche business from $274k a month to $641k a month in just one month. This client needed them to scale his new e-commerce store from the ground up with a new Facebook strategy, a new tone of voice, and a new outlook on what creativity means for the brand. With its performance marketing, Blazer Agency exceeded all expectations and managed to grow its monthly revenue from $274,609 to $641,520 during the first month of association.

In another case, Blazer Agency helped one brand scale their business from $83k per month to $253k per month in just three months using Facebook ads. They maintained a 5.21x ROAS from Facebook Ads and scaled their business to a stable six-figure monthly revenue at a growth rate of an astonishing 305%, which led to their inventory being sold out twice in one month. Along the way, Blazer Agency also had to deal with performance instability and desalted attribution but successfully overcame both problems while operating within their assigned budget.

One of the spokespeople for the company said, “We are an e-commerce-focused agency that combines conversion-focused content and killer paid media strategies. A digital marketing agency for e-commerce that makes the best use of social media ads and email/SMS marketing campaigns to stabilize the top-line revenue growth of our clients. We have already generated over $14,000,000 in revenue with a total ad spend of $4,646,300, and it’s time for you to benefit from this unprecedented growth-oriented service.”

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