Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review: MUST SEE Customer Reviews in US, UK, CA, AU, Portable Air Cooler!

Why should you feel sad about the hotter summer condition when the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is here to keep you cool? Very portable, beautiful, easy to use, and more also, it is the most affordable blast auxiliary portable cooling ac in its series per our review that you may ever buy to last you the test of time. Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews!

In countries like the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), Russia (RU), New Zealand (NZ), Japan (JP), and many well-meaning countries in the world, good health is always categorized as the number one factor for good living and as such even their governments invest heavily in the health sector to protect their citizens.

Should there be any reason why you may need to have a cooler summer holiday without having the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC? I guess there is no reason after all. However, in this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review, we shall bring you our undiluted experience and opinions on the Blast Auxiliary Classic Ac – bringing you its features, specifications, current prices, pros, cons, benefits, customer reviews, consumer reports, and the company behind the amazing Blast AC devices you see trending every summer, every year.

According to a research and weather forecast for summer 2022 by UsaToday and NDTV report, it is confirmed that 2022 will be among the hottest summer years ever in history. If you are living in the United States (US), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand (NZ), and Australia (AU), you should get yourself prepared for a summer combating months ahead. Other countries not listed in this Blast Auxiliary classic AC review are not exempted from the predicted warmest weather conditions for summer 2022.

We recently pulled up a survey targeting the US, CA, UK, and Australia (AU) markets to get consumer reports on the best portable AC to buy for summer 2022; our research came out strong and suggested the Arctos Portable AC. Today, we bring you the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC as an alternative to Arctos AC. In this case, our researchers’ interest was more in portable AC units with lesser prices for purchase and relatively good features to match the Arctos AC.

Although both the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC and Arctos Portable AC meet our demand for quality, the Blast Classic AC beats in cost. If you have little extra budget to spare, I would recommend going for the Arctos Portable AC, but if you want a portable cooler with a very lesser budget, then you should keep up with this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review.

Our research team has reported that Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC passes our several strict tests on hundreds of portable air cooler ACs. After this feedback, we started putting all the data they noted about the Blast Classic Ac, which led to this Blast Auxiliary Classic Ac Review. Keep reading

Like we said earlier, this blast Auxiliary Classic AC review would be covering everything you would want to know about the Blast Classic Portable AC; its key features, specifications, unit price, customer reviews, and everything about the company behind the Blast portable ACs trending in the US, UK, CA, AU, and a host of other countries worldwide.

However, before we dive deeper into the Blast Classic AC review, let us bring you a complete overview of the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC in just one fold. This should guide you faster in making a decision without having to read all the in-depth explanations in this review.


Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Overview

(Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews)

Here, in the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review, we’ll outline what makes this portable air cooler unique. Below, we summed up the key features and everything about Blast Classic AC in simple lines.

  • Product Name: Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC
  • Brand: Blast Classic
  • Manufactured in: Netherlands, Europe.
  • Manufactured by: Complete Performance Commerce BV.
  • Shipped: Globally
  • Category: Personal Portable Air Cooler, Classic Portable Air Cooler, Personal Space Cooler
  • Key Features: Lightweight Design, Adjustable vent, 3 Fan Speeds, Rapid cooling, 300 ml Water Tank, Replaceable Water Curtain, USB Port.
  • Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Major Benefits: Guaranteed High quality, Very efficient; Strong, Affordable, Easy to use; Feature pack; Movable; Compact Design; Uses less electricity; Best value for money.
  • Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Price: $69.99 (Discounted Price)
  • Buyers’ Protection: Yes, 30 days of buyer protection
  • Money-back guarantee: 100% money-back guaranteed if all TOS are met.
  • Where To Buy Blast Auxiliary Classic AC: com/classicac

These are all an overall summary of everything in this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review. It covered all about the portable AC, but if you are the extensive reader type of person, then keep on with us as we unravel more. Otherwise, hit the company link below to verify if you are eligible for the ongoing 24hours promo and take advantage to secure your slot immediately. Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews


What Is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

(Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review)

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is a classic portable air cooling system manufactured by Complete Performance Commerce BV for cooling personal space. The Blast Auxiliary AC is made to keep your personal space temperature cool and bring you the best comfort during the summer days. It is a personal air humidifier that can easily be carried about to any place. Because of its portable nature, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can be used at homes, offices, and for any personal summer travels and vacations.

Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC works the same way that other personal portable Air coolers available in the market today, only that it is cheaper and more lightweight than most of its competitors.

The simple principle of operation of most portable AC or air coolers is to blow air through the filter, pass through the water container, and humidify any target person’s personal space. But most portable AC never maintains the cooling for a longer time, and the materials used in manufacturing them are of lower grades. The Blast auxiliary classic Ac does better in all quality checks and durability, and it has a 300ml water container that should maintain cool room temperature for a longer time.

As a humidifier and air cooler, the Blast Auxiliary AC performs better, operates silently, and is extremely compact in size. Portable air coolers help to cool the air primarily through water evaporation and the subsequent addition of moisture to the moist room temperature.

Blast Auxiliary classic Portable AC is the best AC option for one who desires a lightweight, portable and powerful Air cooling unit with less power consumption this summer. Many customers now discard the old bulky AC unit that occupies ample space at home for a portable ac like the Blast Classic AC.

We tested the performance of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC and rated it 9/10, both in design, quality, price, portability, and ease of use. It still offers you a 300ml water tank that will help increase its long-lasting performance.


How Does Blast Auxiliary classic AC Work?

(Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review)

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC chills the air using a fan and an evaporative technology mechanism. The water added to the water reservoir aids in the faster transformation of hot, dry air into new weather ultimately—weather filled with chilled moisture that makes the skin feel like it’s getting a natural breeze from nature. The materials used in Blast Auxiliary Classic AC manufacturing are Non-toxic inorganic materials, and they are biodegradable, a bacteria-resistant substance that is also environmentally beneficial.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC has everything you would expect for a portable air cooler unit. The parts are smaller, and the AC is powerful in how it cools the room faster. From the name “Blast Classic AC,” you don’t need to ask if this portable air cooler looks beautiful on sight – It is classic and can be carried about any task without making you feel shy.

This is how the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC works:

(Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC review)

Firstly, you will have to fill up the Blast Auxiliary classic AC’s water reservoir with about 300ml. Then plug the Blast Classic AC into your power sug and turn it on. A regulator on the Blast Classic AC allows you to control the speed and level of humidity the AC evaporates out.

The Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC has three built-in cooling technologies:

  1. The use of an Ice tray: With the Ice tray working technology, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC makes the air in your room as cold as ice. You get better weather for the summer by taking advantage of the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC icebox function.
  2. The use of a Water Curtain: The technology behind the water curtain found in the Blast Classic AC is simple. You deep the water curtain into the water reservoir, which evaporates and takes away the heat in the room, hence bringing in pleasant cool air until all moist in the water curtain is all gone. You refill with another water for continuous cooling.
  3. The use of a misting device: The misting also aids the water curtain in bringing even cooler temperatures than many competing air space cooling units. This misting device helps glow your skin and supports your sinuses. This is another health benefit of using the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC during the warmest season in Europe, the US, UK, AU, CA, NZ, and other countries in demand.

The installation of the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC unit is not complex. Once you’ve filled the water tank with 300ml of water and connected it to the power supply, you’re all set to enter your new world. You will be flaunting your personal air cooler when others are busy heating up and waiting for theirs to get delivered.

Key Features of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

(Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review)

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC has many outstanding features that set it ahead of its competitors. Let us work you through some of these features to aid your decision to buy blast Classic AC. Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews

  1. 300 ml Water Tank Capacity: The Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC can hold up to 300 ML of water in its water tank. This quantity is enough to go you for hours of perfect cooling and better refreshment before refilling.
  2. Replaceable Water Curtains: When you soak the water curtain in water and insert it back into the Blast auxiliary classic ac, you are set for the most refreshing air cool for the day. The water curtain is built for durability and should last for approximately 8 months or more before replace.
  3. Lightweight Design: Getting a portable air cooler that is not lightweight is as good as not having a portable AC. The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is light in weight and portable to carry about to any place without bringing you additional stress.
  4. Adjustable vent: The Blast Auxiliary classic AC vents are adjustable to direct airflow to any personal space of your choice.
  5. 3 Fan Speeds: Blast Auxiliary Classic AC has 3 fan speeds and a variable vent for directing good air flow to your personal space. With the 3 fan speeds and variable vents combined, you are sure of comfortably optimizing the cooling of Blast Auxiliary Classic portable ac to your personal preference.
  6. Misting Device: With the on-boarded misting device by the company as a bonus gift, you will always have your skin and sinuses fresh, moist, and relaxed. This is far better than using the standard ac unit that keeps your skin dry while trying to cool the air.
  7. Rapid cooling: Get your personal space cooled up within 30 seconds with the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC. Unlike many portable space coolers that withhold cooling for more than 5 minutes before you start feeling a change in your personal space.
  8. Ice Tray: You will be wondering what the Ice tray added to the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can do. But worry less until you give this device a magical chance to clear your doubts. The Ice Tray allows you to add extra ice into the blast auxiliary portable AC. You know what ice does, right? It cools your hand when you hold It and even helps convert hot water to chill water almost immediately when mixed together. So here, using the ice on the blast classic ac allows the ac to blow out cool air moist from the ice to cool your personal space without having you do any extra job. This is an incredible feature, and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out.
  9. Guaranteed High quality: The material used in manufacturing Blast auxiliary classic ac review to be of high grade. They are safe for home use and won’t cause any complications to your health. Thinking of getting a powerful air cooling device that is of good quality and user-friendly? Go for the blast auxiliary classic portable AC and have your peace unaltered.
  10. Powerful battery with USB-C Charging cable: For easy cooling and outstanding comfort, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC manufacturers equipped the portable AC with a powerful battery and a USB-C charging cable for fast charging. This guarantees you hours of excellent cooling with better device performance.
  11. Minimal Use of Energy: It is often believed that utility bills skyrocket during the summer. The belief is true for consumers who use high electricity-consuming gadgets and appliances at home. To save some extra cost on your home utility bills, you must consider investing in a portable air cooling system. The traditional cooler consumes a lot of electricity to run, no doubt! But with this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review, we have shown you how you can leverage the low-cost portable AC to save yourself from huge bills incurred from cooling devices. Get yourself the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC today to start enjoying minimal energy consumption.


Pros and Cons of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review

(Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC Review)


  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Portable in design
  • Cools the air in your personal space in less than 30 seconds.
  • Powerful battery powered with a USB-C charging cable.
  • Excellent quality for its price.
  • Very affordable.
  • Classic design and fanciful.
  • Over 5,000 plus happy customers reviews.
  • No hassle for returns.


  • The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is not available for purchase on third-party stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, and other verified online Marketplaces. Most consumers in the united states, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand prefer to buy utilities from these listed marketplaces. Nonetheless, it is not so with the blast Classic portable AC; you will have to buy directly from the manufacturing company.
  • Low stock produced in Batches: The company only makes this portable air cooler in batches and most times run out of stock in the heat of summer when demand is much higher. So when you don’t buy now, you may not have the opportunity to buy in the future unless a new stock is out.
  • Restricted cooling capacity: The Blast auxiliary classic AC is designed to only serve for personal space and not to cool the entire room. If you want it for extra space, then you will have to order more. Every portable air cooler, not just the blast classic ac, suffers this limitation. But what else do you expect? I guess you already know of this and more reasons you came for it.
  • To maintain long-term cool, you must pay close attention to the water tank to know when it is due for a refill. Some persons may consider this stress, which is why we brought it out as an expected con. For someone like me, I don’t worry about refilling My Blast Auxiliary Classic AC water tanks once or twice a day if I use it heavily for the day. It’s ok and very easy to do.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Price

(Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC Review)

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC prices range from $69.99 for 1 Blast Classic Portable AC and $191.99 for 4 Blast Classic Portable AC. Below is the complete breakdown of Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC discounted price:

  • 1X Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC costs only $69.99
  • 2X Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC costs only $139.99
  • 3X Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC costs only $156.99
  • 4X Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC costs only $191.99

Please note: As of the time this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review was written, all of the discount rates shown below are still in effect and can be subjected to a change anytime soon. To verify that the product is still available for the current price, check through the company’s website.

Where to Buy Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

(Reviews of Blast Classic Portable AC)

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is available for purchase only on the official manufacturer’s website. You can purchase your Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC unit by clicking the COMPANY OFFICIAL STORE LINK here or anywhere in this Blast Auxiliary Classic Ac Review to get unbeatable discounts for any quantity of your choice.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC and Air Freshener are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee with TOS applied. Don’t hesitate to contact the company using their official support email provided in this review if you are not entirely satisfied with the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review or the Blast Classic AC results within the first 30 days following their TOS. They promise a full refund when a verified buyer returns the product.


Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review US; Blast Auxiliary Classic AC UK; Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review Ca, Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review Australia.

Is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia? YES. Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other well-meaning countries worldwide.

How to Care and Maintain Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

(Blast Classic Portable AC Review)

Your Blast Auxiliary Classic AC may require less maintenance than other Personal Portable Air Cooler models and brands you have seen in the passed. However, every gadget requires some soft check maintenance to keep it running with 100% efficiency. Here is the simple care needed for Blast Auxiliary Classic AC:

Keep Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Clean

It would be best always to keep the Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC clean. You will have to clean the body and use a wet cloth to clean the air filter.

Refill Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Water Tank Regularly

You should always refill your blast auxiliary classic portable ac as often as you need it to remain active in cooling your personal space. Depending on your settings for the blast classic ac, each water tank refill should be able to cool your personal space between 3 to 8 hours daily. So always check the water tank regularly and know when it requires a refill.

Drain Water Tank when Blast Classic AC will be put away for long

Do not leave Blast Auxiliary Classic Ac with water in the water tank when you aren’t using it for a while. Always drain the water tank before putting Blast classic ac away.

Change Water Curtains

Depending on how frequently you use the Blast Classic AC, you may need to replace the water curtains as soon as you realize the other is getting old.

Read the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Manual

The blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC Manual contains the necessary information you need to operate the blast classic ac unit. Please check through the manual before using your Blast Auxiliary AC the first time.

Customer Reviews of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

(Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review)

The Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Consumer Reports: We have sourced around for customer reviews of Blast Classic AC, checked on quora, Amazon, Reddit, and the company’s website – all reports we got confirmed that blast auxiliary classic ac is excellent and performs as advertised for a personal cooling space. Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reddit and Quora have members who confirm that the ac saves them money on electric bills and comforts them during last year’s summertime.

From our research on the Blast Classic Portable AC, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is rated 4.6 on average in a 5 star rating count by over 5,000 customer reviews found online. Below are a few customer reviews of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC:

“I have a powerful AC unit installed in my home, but the amount I had to pay to run the darn thing was insane. I got a Blast Auxiliary from a friend at an office gift exchange, and since it worked so well on my desk, I got a couple to put around the house. So much money saved. Thanks, Blast.” – Review by ALEX I. – MONTREAL, QC.

“It’s VERY hot all year round here in Nevada, so personal coolers like these are quite common. I’ve used a few, but this cooler is the best so far! It really does cool down my work area in 30 seconds. Plus, it’s great for those who live alone since you don’t need to cool down an entire room or house.” – Review by Anita F. – Las Vegas, NV.

“I had a similar one to this before with the same water evaporation. That was great, but this thing has this ice tray that makes EVEN COLDER air than before. I liked that one, but I LOVE this one.” – Review by DANIEL E. — SARASOTA, FL.

“I always have a hard time sleeping during summer (the heat, the dry air, my husband’s snoring), so when I found out that there was an AC that doubled as a humidifier, I just had to get it! It’s been two weeks since we got our Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC, and my husband and I are both having much more peaceful nights and less stressful mornings.” – Review by Cam D. – San Diego, CA.

“I originally got one for my mom since she lives alone, and she doesn’t like turning on the AC when she doesn’t have company. She liked it so much, and she said that it even helps her sleep better because of the humidifier feature! So, I got one for myself as well. I love how efficient it is as a cooler, a fan, and even as a humidifier. No more sweaty, sleepless nights and dry lips!!” – Review by Michelle K. – Yuma, AZ.

“I’m really bad with technology, but this was way easier to use than an AC unit with a billion buttons. I just filled up the water tank and, on really hot days, added ice, and I was cool in seconds. My husband keeps stealing one, so I may just get another!” – Review by JESSICA A. – SAN DIEGO, CA.

“As someone who lives in a tiny flat and on a very limited budget, multipurpose and space-saving stuff are a must for me. Summers get really hot and dry here in Alice Springs, so any sort of fan and humidifier is a must. Thankfully, this personal cooler fits the multipurpose and space-saving criteria for me. It’s budget-friendly too since I don’t need to cool down the whole flat when it’s just me. I would definitely recommend this!” – Review by Heather R. – Alice Springs, AU.


Why Should You Buy Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

(Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews)


Many big news and record have it that the heat temperature in the summer of 2022 may likely surpass the previous years. Where countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many others would have the highest record of warm temperature rise, it is best to prepare ahead for the warmest season and never get cut unfresh. Blast classic portable ac review.

Aside from this, you get numerous benefits when you buy the Blast auxiliary classic ac for summer. Let us give you some highlighted benefits you may never want to miss:

  1. Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is cost-effective. Not just that it is very affordable to buy blast classic portable ac, but also the air cooler saves you a bunch of costs from utility bill consumption.
  2. The blast classic portable ac reviews online show that the portable air cooler packs in with loads of features befitting for personal space cooling even for the highest rise in warm temperature. You are 100% sure of having your personal space cooled with the blast ac handy.
  3. The company proffers solutions that affect you and everyone going through summer with you. Whether you are living in the United States (US), Canada (CA), the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU), and other countries where the heat of summer is often at the highest level, the company made this blast auxiliary classic portable ac available for you to buy through their website and offered you faster shipping to any of the available countries.
  4. The Blast Classic AC unit is lightweight and portable to be moved about to any new destination you find yourself. You don’t need to break the walls or pay any extra cost to transfer your portable air cooler with you to your new destination.
  5. The Blast Classic portable ac offers you the ability to regulate the intensity of air cooling you want for yourself or your young children. It is not cool to have a one-way cooling portable ac unit as this may affect the health of little children when the temperature starts getting too cold. But if the air cooler has a regulated cooling function, you can quickly reduce the fan speed for different use. You can turn it to 1 for children and slightly increase it to 3 for adults.
  6. For those people having dry skin and stuffed sinuses, blast classic portable ac can serve as a humidifier, making them feel better and cool all long summer.

Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC Company Information

Company Name: Complete Performance Commerce B.V.

Office Address: Postbus 7218, 3109 AE SCHIEDAM The Netherlands

Contact Phone: 844 847 3372

Support address:

Company website:

Our Final Remark on Blast Auxiliary Classic Portable AC Review

With over 5,000 plus customer reviews found online for the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC, the portable air cooler rated 4.6 out of 5.0 scoreline on average. This is an excellent fit and further shows that Blast Classic Portable AC is perfect for anyone who wants a personal cooler this summer.

Unlike other portable air coolers, Blast classic AC beats at best price; yet offers you the crazy feature value for your money. The manufacturing company also grants you 30 days buyer protection, promising you a refund in case you aren’t satisfied and wish to return the portable air cooler within 30days of purchase.

If you really want to explore the summer vacations and other personal cooling needs this period, we recommend the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC as your go-for Portable AC unit. You can also gift the blast classic Portable AC to your loved ones this summer to help them maintain sound health all through the hot season.

Lasting, as we’ve mentioned on the cons in this blast classic portable ac review, the blast classic ac company only has limited stocks of this air cooler available as they only produce in batches. You may not want to get stuck with out-of-stock news in the peak of summer, so it is best to order this cooling device now at a discounted price in better preparation for the warmest season.

You can use the link below to order directly from the company’s website instead of going through third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and the rest. Should you want to return your device after purchase for a refund, the company will ask for your invoice number generated during a purchase from their official website.


Important Disclaimer:

All content on this website, including images, text, graphics, and information, is published in good faith and only for general information purposes. BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC AC makes no legal representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the information contained on or accessible through this website, which is subject to change without notice. Our website’s content is provided as a courtesy solely for general informational purposes.

The FDA has not evaluated all claims on this website. As such, the BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC AC is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any specific disease or condition. If you have any health concerns, speak with your professional health specialist before using BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC PORTABLE AC.

BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC AC is in no way responsible for or has control of the content of any external website links. Information on this website may contain errors or inaccuracies; the website’s proprietors, BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC AC, do not make a warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the website’s content.

Cooling quality, charging time, and battery life of BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC AC may vary depending on device settings, usage, environment, and other similar factors.

Testimonials and customer reviews on this site are submitted voluntarily by actual users of our products and/or services. As such, the results are illustrative rather than typical and cannot be guaranteed to apply to all individuals, and results should defer to individuals as everyone’s experience is personified. So treat all customer reviews on this page as illustrative information and not the actual result you must get.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to repair or modify the BLAST AUXILIARY CLASSIC AC. Blast Classic AC team will not be responsible for damage, injury, or poor product performance caused by mishandling of the product or improper use of the product.

IMPORTANT 2: Blast Auxiliary Classic AC means Blast Auxiliary Classic Air Cooler. And Not Blast Auxiliary Classic Air conditioner. The Blast Classic AC is not an air conditioner but an air cooler for personal space only.

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