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Blackcurrant Powder Market : Notable Developments & Geographical Outlook 2018 to 2028 

Blackcurrant is a blackberry, technically known as Ribes Nigrum. Due to its therapeutic properties, blackcurrant has been in high demand in areas such as Northern and Central Asia, as well as Northern Europe. Blackcurrant berries are dried and powdered to make blackcurrant powder, which has a particular flavor and is often used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages. To add a unique flavor to smoothies, teas, yogurts, cereal, or even desserts, blackcurrant powder can be sprinkled on top. Because blackcurrant powder is high in nutrients and contains all of the components found in blackcurrant, it is becoming more popular as a flavoring agent. 

The market for fruit powders has been seeing tremendous expansion, which has given the blackcurrant powder business a boost. The need for natural and healthy ingredients has been increasing as consumer understanding of food ingredients has grown. Customers prefer natural ingredients over synthetic ones, which is driving demand for blackcurrant powder, which is an excellent solution for adding a natural and healthful blackcurrant flavor to any dish or beverage.   

Blackcurrant Powder is considered a “Super-Food” since it provides a good balance of nutrition, flavor, and health benefits. 

Due to its numerous health benefits, blackcurrant has been dubbed a “superfood” and is currently popular in the food and beverage industry. Blackcurrant powder is comparable to fresh blackcurrant fruit in terms of nutrition, taste, and flavor. In reality, it has several advantages over fresh fruit, including the ability to be stored and preserved for extended periods. Blackcurrant powder is not only a tasty addition to your diet, but it also has health benefits. Blackcurrant powder contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C, among other nutrients. It has also been shown to be an excellent food source for improving vision. In terms of antioxidant content, blackcurrant powder can even outperform other fruit powders on the market. As a result of its health and nutritional benefits, customers are increasingly choosing blackcurrant powder. 

Participants in the Market 

FutureCeuticals, Connoils, Waitaki Biosciences, LYO FOOD GmbH, New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Limited, and CropPharms, LLC are some of the major participants identified in the worldwide blackcurrant powder market. 

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