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Black Bear Finance – Incentivizing Sustainable Conservation through DeFi and Play-to-Earn Gaming

Many crypto-backed charity projects seem to fail when it comes to the development and sustainability of their goals. After the initial hype dies down, the token loses its value shortly thereafter, which often ends up destroying the project and its credibility. Black Bear Finance aims to change how conservation organizations are financed by incentivizing people to contribute to wildlife conservation efforts.

Play-to-Earn Gameplay and Wildlife Conservation

Leveraging DeFi, NFTs, and Play-to-Earn gaming, Black Bear lets users contribute directly or indirectly to conservation initiatives. Users simply have to trade or stake $BEAR tokens, collect NFTs and play P2E games in the metaverse to earn crypto rewards. Black Bear Finance will then allocate a portion of the rewards to a charity wallet to be given to various wildlife conservations voted by the community.

Besides rewards, users can trade and collect NFTs and other merchandise on the marketplace, with trading fees and original costs going directly to non-profit organizations. Users are also allowed to contribute directly by donating to conservation funds or purchasing merchandise, with all proceeds going to charity.

These strategies are targeted at driving the next evolution of philanthropic contributions through sustainability, innovation, and transparency. Users have an opportunity to promote sustainable funding and support organizations that are working towards wildlife conservation. As a Black Bear Finance member, you will be contributing to these charities and, therefore, helping to preserve wildlife.

For instance, Black Bear Finance will involve the community in the charity selection process – users will be able to propose deserving projects to the team and vote on whether an organization should be funded or not.

Rewards, Charity, and $BEAR Token Earning Mechanics

Black Bear Finance combines DeFi and crypto P2E gaming while contributing to land and wildlife conservation. But what makes it so different is the rewards-based incentive system that allows users to earn crypto while buying and trading within the Black Bear Finance ecosystem.

$BEAR is the native token of the Black Bear Finance ecosystem. It powers every transaction conducted on the platform and has a total supply of 10 billion tokens.

As a $BEAR token holder, you will be able to participate in many applications that provide yield. There will be treasuries set up within the network that will allow the team at Black Bear Finance to buy back tokens on the open market. This is crucial in order to preserve the value of the $BEAR token. Most projects that create P2E gaming only provide inflationary rewards which only benefits the first adopters of the platform. The P2E powered by $BEAR will provide rewards on a sustainable level that provides long-term value throughout the Black Bear Finance network.

As an added incentive, the team will launch playable characters for the P2E games to allow the community to boost their earnings. These special edition characters can be purchased through the NFT marketplace and are playable in the P2E games within the Black Bear Finance ecosystem. Only a limited supply of each character will be minted. So, they will truly be scarce, and as the project increases in popularity, these NFTs will become coveted items.

Black Bear Finance launch is coming up very soon, so make sure to keep up with the project via their Telegram account. Remember you are still very early if you join the project now. 

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