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BitYard Has Launched Assessment Zone to Let Users Trade Latest Trending Cryptocurrencies

BitYard Has Launched Assessment Zone to Let Users Trade Latest Trending Cryptocurrencies

In 2021, the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies have been increasing fast, which has attracted a lot of investors to join the global crypto community.

At the same time, many new altcoins have been coming out recently, belonging to different types of blockchain-related projects. Unlike mainstream cryptocurrencies, new altcoins are prone to dramatic price fluctuations in their early stages and are of interest to many investors who hold a high-risk, high-profit strategy.

There are different types of investors in the cryptocurrency market, ranging from those who prefer to hold mainstream coins to others who target new altcoins with potentials.

Conservative investors tend to buy and hold stable coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This investment strategy is relatively low-risk, with low-profit margins.

On the other hand, risky investors prefer to join many new crypto project communities and discussion groups to observe and find clues about the latest crypto projects. By paying attention to different crypto groups, these investors will have a chance to find new coins that can reach high value shortly before other people do.

BitYard launched Assessment Zone for investors who prefer latest altcoins

BitYard has recently launched Assessment Zone, where the most popular altcoins are listed, for users who hold risky investment strategies. The new coins in the Assessment Zone are the ones recently released with high potentials, including AMPL, DYDX, and NFT.

Furthermore, BitYard also brought other segment pages such as DeFi and Grayscale zone for different users to find their favorite coins quickly.

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