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BitYard Gets Listed on Coincodex

BitYard is a world-leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange in Singapore. We provide safe, easy, and fast crypto asset trading services in more than 150 countries. BitYard is thrilled to announce the exchange listing on widely used cryptocurrency market coverage platform, Coincodex.

Coincodex is a popular cryptocurrency data website that tracks Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 10,000 other cryptocurrencies. Coincodex provides real-time updates and price tracking based on volume weighted average from different exchanges and ensures accurate data. The website also gives users an overarching update on the entire crypto market by monitoring different sectors, tracking portfolios, providing news updates and much more.

About BitYard:

Founded in late 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, BitYard is a leading global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. As one of the fastest-growing exchanges, BitYard has continuously optimized and upgraded the platform and has brought many quality trading services to users worldwide. With the new corporate slogan “Grow Your Future in the Yard” BitYard will continue to help investors around the world to achieve their goals through providing one-stop financial trading services.

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