BitSonar CEO Marius Ziubka on Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Founded in 2016, BitSonar is an innovative investment fund that uses cutting edge algorithms and quantum  architecture. The company is unique in the sense that it is one of the only funds to publicly display the returns provided to investors. Based on 2017-2018 performance, their AI trading strategies achieved annual returns over 120%. The average monthly return has been 15.2% for the last 24 months.

Given their success in the market and transparency, BitSonar has attracted an investment pool of over $8 million and over 50 employees across 13 countries. To learn more about the company’s success and rapid growth, we sat down with BitSonar’s CEO, Marius Ziubka to learn more about their fund and future plans. 

Can you explain what BitSonar’s Echo Fund is for new readers?

BitSonar’s Echo Fund is an investment fund where investors can earn from trading. The key difference is that you don’t need to waste your time for trading. The trading bot will do everything for you. So, in fact, you invest in automated algo trading and get passive income. The current situation of market growth and our product development will exceed our profitability of more than 100%

Do participants need to have previous crypto experience or is the fund management completely automated?

Our main goal is to increase the capital of the fund. Cryptocurrency is a very effective tool for this. Our participants don’t need to be traders because the bulk of the work is done on our side

Have you seen the risk appetite for crypto investing increase or decrease in 2019?

More and more people join the cryptocurrency market. It is growing faster than anyone could imagine a few years before.

Who are your typical investors? Have you noticed any trends or interesting findings? 

Our investors are of different nationalities and join our platform from all the parts of the Earth. They are people who value their time and love freedom of choice. They join us to have time for themselves and at the same time, make their money work for them.

How does BitSonar differ from other funds? Is quantum a key advantage?

BitSonar is about credibility and accuracy. Our investors can trust us because we developed one of the most advanced trading tools.  Our low-risk and high-return strategies are based on quantum hypotheses that are formulated and validated over a lengthy period of time.

Anything else you want the world to know?

BitSonar is a part of a much broader concept. We believe that the modern human is the only one to choose his/her fate, and no one can limit this freedom. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies proved that we are moving towards a world where no borders and limitations exist, and BitSonar is helping their investors to enjoy this freedom.

For more information, visit the Bitsonar website:

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