Bitrue Revamps PiggyPower, Offers 15% APY For Stablecoins USDC and USDT

Users of leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitrue could earn up to 15% APY for their  USDC and USDT holdings. 

Coinmarketcap revealed this information in a June 30th tweet. This disclosure comes hot on the heels of the project’s recent relaunch of its PowerPiggy investment tool. Dubbed PowerPiggy 2.0, the new product will offer users better returns for their investments than before.

PowerPiggy’s 15% APY Is Market’s Best

Bitrue is tapping into the growing demand for passive earn products in the crypto sector. The current  “bearish” trend experienced within the space has drawn investors seeking opportunities to earn passive incomes. So it’s positioning itself as your go-to partner for that kind of investment.  

Through its PowerPiggy investment platform, it offers you, the investor, unmatched returns. At 15% APY PowerPiggy is currently the best passive earn product on offer. This rate is way better than even the best banks, which offer a miserly 1% interest. 

The platform uses the Bitrue Coin Token(BTR) to power its functions. You can purchase your BTR from their website. To date, Bitrue supports transactions in more than 40 different coins.

BTR Tokens Will Unlock VIP Caps

Investors looking to tap into PowerPiggy’s investment products need first to acquire BTR tokens. The acquisition unlocks VIP caps. In turn, these VIP caps allow them to increase the interest on their holdings. 

For every  BTR you hold, You can invest an equivalent of $0.2 USDT in any crypto of your choosing. Today unlike before the upgrade, you need only keep BTR for a day. Then, you’d have to hold it for two weeks.

PiggyPower’s Rich Selection Of Investment Options

As stated before, PowerPiggy spoils you with a rich picking of investment options. First, there are the legacy coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like. Then there’s the Stablecoins. These aside, you have a wide variety of meme coins too that you can choose from. 

Bitrue is Your Favourite Meme Coin’s Favourite Exchange

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Safecoin are some of the many meme coins you’ll find on the platform. Since they broke out, meme coins have continued to gain popularity. Since Bitrue isn’t one to miss out on a good thing, it has incorporated them. And in keeping with its community-centric nature will keep on adding the projects that its users vote for.

Offering You Gems Of Defi Tokens

Besides Stablecoins and meme coins, PiggyPower also opens up the world of blue-chip Decentralized finance (Defi) token projects to you. From  Uniswap to Banaswap, Cakeswap to LunaSwap, among others, you can look forward to investing in gems of Defi tokens with APYs of over 60%! You’ll never find a better listing anywhere else.

Late last year, Bitrue announced the introduction of Defi products in its platform. These the firm said would complement its existing Centralised Finance (Cefi) products. Thus it became the premier hybrid crypto exchange and set its eyes on entrenching itself in the Defi space.

And Smart Contracts To Boot!

Away from the coins, Bitrue also has an impressive listing of smart contract projects. Among these are DuckDao (DOT), Kusama Network(KSM), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Hedera(HBAR). Smart contracts are in high demand owing to their usefulness in automating functions.

Roping in Cardano was a big scoop as the project has just launched its first smart contract testnet attracting over $30 billion staked in ADA.

About Bitrue

Since its inception in July of 2018,  Bitrue has always distinguished itself as a platform offering diversified financial services. Among its extensive catalog of products, it provides trading, lending, and investment services. It sees Blockchain technology as a tool for attaining financial inclusion of anyone irrespective of their location or economic well-being. 

The firm has a global footprint and continues to pursue new ideas in the digital space that’ll enable better serve humanity. For more information on the firm and its products, visit their website, Twitter handle, and Telegram Channel.

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