Bitrue: Providing a safe platform for yield farming 

yield farming 

Yield farming is a concept that has attracted a lot of crypto enthusiasts in the past two years due to its obvious advantages. Thanks to blockchain technology and impressive tokenomics, liquidity providers can increase their portfolios by staking or mining coins.  

The popularity of yield farming led to the rise of decentralized finance as investors thronged to platforms that offered attractive yields for their investments. However, many investors also got scammed and rug-pulled by fraudulent platforms due to the decentralized nature of yield farming platforms. 

The obvious solution was for centralized platforms and exchanges to provide safe and secure yield farming products that users could invest for potential yields. Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has taken the call and will be launching a new yield farming hub to all users from Monday, January 10th, 2021. 

An innovative yield farming hub 

The Yield Farming Hub is a first of its kind and allows users to mine coins in a similar system to DeFi pools. The significant difference is that users have the security of Bitrue and are assured that their assets won’t get stolen or rug pulled by criminal elements. 

At launch, Bitrue will be introducing more than 20 pools, and liquidity providers can stake their assets for pool rewards and farming yields. In addition, Bitrue yield farmers will have various staking choices with APRs of 150% on offer.

Bitrue native token BTR powers this latest product. Users can use stake BTR or LP tokens to begin farming for yields on supported pools. BTR is one of the top exchange tokens and is up by more than 300% since its launch in July 2018. 

Major milestone for Bitrue

This latest offering is a major one for the exchange that has continued to expand and increase its offering since its launch in 2018. During the first year of operation, it launched the first crypto-focused investment service called Power Piggy, exposing millions of users to low-risk crypto investments. 

Since then, Bitrue has continued to expand its services and serves more than 1 million users at writing. Other major crypto financial services include BTR lockups, vote staking, where users can leverage the BTR token to generate income. 

Bitrue has also offered a world-class crypto-exchange service, and users can deposit, trade and withdraw over 30 supported coins on its trading platform. In addition, its exchange token BTR offers special advantages for holders as they can receive discounts on trading fees, access innovative financial products, and serve as governance.

Users can also navigate the easy to use interface and experience a smooth trading experience on the exchange and purchase crypto directly from their debit and credit cards. The yield farming hub’s launch continues in the upward trajectory taken by the crypto exchange. 

It is likely to increase the adoption of Bitrue among core crypto enthusiasts and newbies seeking income-generating opportunities in the crypto world. 

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