BitRaser Drive Eraser: A Certified and Secure Software Programmed to Permanently Delete Data from All Kinds of Storage Devices

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BitRaser Drive Eraser is a NIST Tested Software that is Compliant with Multiple Global Erasure Standards that Guarantee Complete Deletion of Data beyond Recovery

  • What is BitRaser Drive Eraser?
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  • What are the Software Benefits?
  • Who does BitRaser Drive Eraser Cater to?
  • What are the Features of the BitRaser Drive Eraser?
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What is BitRaser Drive Eraser?

BitRaser Drive Eraser is a DHS and NIST-tested and approved data erasure software that permanently and irreversibly wipes data from all storage devices like SSD, HDD, PC, Laptops, Mac & Servers when they are donated, disposed of, sold, or leased. BitRaser Drive is a secure drive wiping software that is complaint with DOD, NIST and many more standards of erasure globally. The software generates tamper-free audit trails in the form of reports & certificates. These erasure reports helps corporate users meet internal and external data security audit requirements and comply with global data privacy laws like – EU GDPR, GLB, SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and many more. The software is a product of a well-recognized professional company Stellar Data Recovery Inc. known for their recovery and repair and migration software for more than 2 decades.

 Overview- BitRaser Drive Eraser

The rise in the advancement of modern technology has made users change their devices frequently. It is observed that most users tend to delete their data or format the device before disposing or reallocating their device. Deleting and Formatting are unsecure methods that pose a data theft or leakage risk. For organizations, it may also lead to an episode of data breach. BitRaser Drive Eraser is the best-suited tool to securely wipe data that is no longer in use. The software adds to the trust as it has been thoroughly vetted and found to be a secure and certified software that mitigates the risk of data theft and permanently sanitizes the device without any chance of data recovery. There is a mobile variant of the software that helps wipe mobile devices including Android® and iOS® devices. 

Benefits of BitRaser Drive Eraser

BitRaser, drive-wiping tool helps safeguard privacy and prevents data leakage when disposing of, donating, returning, or reselling old storage media or devices. For those companies that are using leased IT Assets, it is the best tool to erase everything before handing the device back to prevent data being compromised. The tool is perfect solution to wipe all devices, drives, servers etc. All you need is a license to wipe. We were impressed with the software UI and ease of ‘One-click’ wiping. The BitRaser Drive Eraser deployment guide was self-explanatory to download ISO and burn on a USB to start erasing.

BitRaser Drive Eraser helps you:

  • Safeguard Privacy & Mitigate Risks
  • Prevent Data Thefts & Leakage
  • Get Maximum Resale Value
  • Safely Donate for Fulfilling CSR Obligations

Who does BitRaser Cater to?

BitRaser Drive Wiping tool is ideal to use for anyone who wishes to erase data beyond recovery. Since the tool offers manageability and scalability for wiping hard drives, laptops, desktops, Mac devices, mobile phones, and rackmount storage, it is best-suited for enterprises, IT Asset Disposition Companies (ITADs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Government institutions, and SMBs. BitRaser provides MSPs & SI with globally trusted data wiping and diagnostic solutions to augment managed service competencies. The software caters to ITAD/Refurbisher and handles bulk erase of loose drives, laptops, desktops, Mac devices.

 Individuals and Home users also benefit from BitRaser as it helps to safeguard the invasion of privacy when old PC, laptops, and mobile phones are disposed of. 

Notable Features of the BitRaser Drive Eraser

Aside from its capability to securely erase sensitive data beyond recovery from SSDs & HDDs across PC, Mac & Servers, BitRaser erases hidden areas including HPA, DCO and remapped sectors. For organizations to comply with international laws it is mandatory to perform complete wiping as prescribed in NIST guidelines.

 BitRaser Drive provides flexible cloud integration and leverages the cloud to erase multiple drives simultaneously at high speed, with or without internet use, in different locations across the globe. Using the cloud functionality, IT Asset managers can create users, assign licenses and create a pool for ease of management. The erasure reports are centrally available in the cloud console for future reference. In addition, the cloud console provides an option to customize the ISO file that helps in standardizing the erasure process across IT assets to match company norms and meet compliance. 

Furthermore, BitRaser provides customizable erasure reports for audit trials and an option to save reports in formats like PDF, CSV, & XML. In addition, BitRaser licenses never expire until consumed, allowing users to erase data without fear of license expiry. Users get software updates and technical support FREE 24 x5 unlike many other competitors that charge for support. 

Additional Technical Specifications of BitRaser

Apart from the key features mentioned above, BitRaser Drive Eraser software supports multiple block size drives & RAID dismantling and secures client-server communication with AES encryption. The tool implements two methods of verification for the erasure process and helps identify dead drives through LED notifications.  

How much does BitRaser Drive Eraser Cost?

BitRaser is cost effective solution for Enterprises, ITADs, SMBs, Government and individuals wanting to secure their data privacy. For Individuals a family pack of US$99 is available to wipe 10 devices.

For bulk license purchase, volume based pricing is available. You need to contact for special pricing.

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 How to Work with Drive Eraser:

You can watch the product video and see their deployment guides available on BitRaser website.

System Requirement:

  •     Blank USB: 2 GB or More
  •     Internet connectivity: Ethernet or Wi-Fi (Optional)
  •     Workstation (PC or laptop) and drives that need to be wiped
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