Bitop review – Is this the best crypto exchange in Asia?

There’s nothing better than a highly secured crypto exchange platform to satisfy your crypto needs. This Bitop review will give you all the insider information regarding Bitop features.

About Bitop

Bitop is a digital assets trading platform that focuses on CFDs (Contract for Difference) and provides a unique trading experience, especially towards new users allowing them to seamlessly trade, conduct transactions of any size, and have a free and open trading environment, secure deposits and withdrawal environment. In addition, Bitop Exchange also offers users other various products such as futures, spot trading, derivatives and much more than a normal centralized exchange.

What Are Some of Bitop’s Best Features? 

Security and Privacy 

One of the most important factors in digital assets exchange is security and the best way to ensure the safety use of a crypto exchange is looking for two-factor authentication (2FA). Bitop uses multiple technologies such as trusted computing, ring signatures, homomorphic encryption, and zero-knowledge proofs to ensure user data security and encryption privacy. 

Multiple Trading Products 

Bitop’s trading platform maximizes users profits greatly in the long term by operating with high-end trading tools, big trading volumes, spreads, trading strategies and more. This is an important feature as most of the CFD trading market platforms have extremely limited tools. 

  • Spot Trading 

Just as if you were buying and selling stocks, you can acquire or sell digital or other financial assets which are due to be immediately delivered on a particular spot date. 

  • Margin Trading 

Amplify your trading results and have larger profits on successful trades. These kinds of funds are often provided by other traders, who earn interest based on the market demand for margin funds. In this process, users need to make repayments based on the amount of borrowed money, interest rate, and time. The calculation method is simple interest. 

  • CFD Trading 

Through Bitop’s platform users can log in to their existing account or create a new account and begin trading Bitcoin CFDs. At the same time, customers can also opt to open a demo account to practice and familiarize themselves before starting to trade. 

  • Perpetual Contracts 

Similar to leveraged spot trading, perpetual contracts give investors the benefits of rising digital currency prices by buying and going long or selling and shorting. Perpetual contacts have no expiration date which means there is no restriction on the holding time. 

One-Click Copy Trading System

Copy-trading allows investors to closely follow the trades of experienced traders on the platform. Users can easily access Bitop’s copy trading system and select the corresponding model which gives customers the opportunity of collecting income without doing all the work in exchange for a fee for every copied trade.

Member’s Program

Bitops offers an affiliate program where users can earn a certain portion of their referred user’s transaction fee as commission. The portal follows a tiered rebate ratio for its members and the cap limit is fixed at 15%

If you’re looking for a highly secured exchange platform with high volume trading and a user-friendly interface for both beginner and experienced traders, Bitops is the right choice for you.

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