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BitIQ Review 2022

BitIQ Review

You can reportedly earn huge profits trading bitcoin through an AI-driven robot known as BitIQ. The platform is web-based and works on any desktop or mobile device.

BitIQ is also easy to operate since it automates all trading. Many of its users have disclosed their success with this trading robot. The BitIQ reviews confirm its amazing profitability rate of up to 95% in high BTC price swings.

Moreover, the feedback from users confirms that this trading platform is safe and quite easy to use. BitIQ has recently released a statement announcing the launch of a feature that supports global stock CFDs trading.

This means that users will now have an option to choose the type of asset to trade. We will find out more about all these features in this review. Moreover, we will determine if BitIQ is a scam and if the alleged profitability rate is possible.

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What is BitIQ?

Bitcoin has gained rapidly in the last few days after a month of free falling. Analysts are upbeat that the rise signifies the start of the long-awaited boom.

Jurrien Timmer, an analyst at Fidelity Investment Bank, predicts that BTC could reach $100,000 by early 2023. Bitcoin volatility is rising rapidly, with daily price swings going into hundreds of dollars.

BitIQ is an internet-based computer program built to help you make money from these price swings. This trading program has remained an internet sensation since its launch in 2018. BitIQ was initially built to trade crypto price swings but has recently introduced a feature for trading leading global stocks.

BitIQ daily profitability rate can reportedly shoot to over 95% in rising volatility. If these claims are anything to go by, then it’s extremely easy to earn fortunes with this bot. We have gone through BitIQ testimonials and are surprised by the high number of people claiming to have earned a million dollars through this bot.

Robot type Fully automated
Minimum investment USD250
Trading platforms Web and mobile
Potential daily profits Up to 95%
Free withdrawals per month Up to ten
Registration fees None
Hidden fees None

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BitIQ News Trading Feature

One of the features that make BitIQ super-profitable is its news trading tool. This tool is developed to capture breaking news and determine their impact on volatility.

BitIQ trades all forms of news. However, its highly specialized Elon Musk news trading tool is the most profitable. This tool has earned this trading system a big name in the crypto trading circles.

It’s reportedly super accurate thanks to its Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven algorithms. Read on for more information about this feature.

BitIQ Elon Musk trading Feature

Elon Musk is one of the celebrities that have publicly expressed their love for crypto and even invested some money in it.

According to Forbes Magazine, Musk is a billionaire with a net worth of $223 billion. He has invested billions of dollars in crypto in the last two years as an individual and through one of his companies.

In 2021, Tesla, an electric car manufacturer founded by Musk, announced investing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. The company has disclosed that it will be investing more in 2022 and may even start accepting BTC for car payments.

Elon Musk’s crypto-related news and social media sentiments are a major trigger of BTC volatility. BTC has been observed to rise dramatically in positive comments and plummet in negative comments.

BitIQ is equipped with a news trading tool that is specialized to capture the rapid volatility linked to Elon Musk’s news and sentiments. This robot is arguably the first to have such a feature.

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BitIQ Stock Price Swings Trading Feature

This feature was introduced a few months ago. It reportedly gives exposure to leading global stocks, including Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Coca Cola, Alphabet, and many others.

BitIQ users can select the asset they want to trade on completing the registration. Moreover, those interested in trading a mix of crypto and stock can do so through the trading system.

Read on to find out if you can trade popular stocks such as Tesla and Amazon through the BitIQ trading system.

BitIQ Tesla

Tesla Inc is the global biggest manufacturer of electric cars. Elon Musk founded the firm in 2003 in San Carlos, California.

Tesla is among the very few corporations with over $1 trillion market capitalisation. Its global car sales have grown steadily for the last ten years. Tesla stock is listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

It’s retailing at $921 by the time of writing this review. Some analysts claim that BitIQ is the best tool to use for those looking to trade the Tesla stock. The robot reportedly trades this stock through the financial derivative known as CFDs.

We aren’t able to confirm if BitIQ is indeed the best auto-trading system for trading Tesla. This is because we haven’t done any live tests on the robot. However, if the demo is anything to go by, then Tesla is one of the stocks heavily traded by BitIQ.

As stated earlier, the profitability reports associated with this trading system makes it worth a try. You can test the waters by investing as little as USD250.

BitIQ Amazon

Amazon is another stock reportedly traded through the BitIQ app. This stock is among the global most valuable and highly volatile stocks.

Amazon Inc is a multinational with a wide range of investments. Its core areas include retail and technology. The company is also among the few with a market cap of over $1 trillion. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon Inc in 1994 in Washington, USA.

It currently has operations in over 60 countries across the globe. Amazon (AMZN) is listed on NASDAQ and was trading at $3,299.9 by the time of publishing this review. BitIQ reportedly offers an easy and affordable way to make money from this stock.

Once again, we didn’t do live tests on BitIQ and therefore can’t verify if it’s the best for trading AMZN. However, the many reviewers alleging so confirm that the robot is the best for trading top global stocks.

How to use BitIQ

We have used the BitIQ demo trading platform to determine if the live trading platform is beginner-friendly.

If the demo is anything to go by, real-time trading should be a cup of tea. There is enough proof to confirm that this robot is made for the complete beginner. Many BitIQ users have reviewed it on social media and platforms such as Reddit and Trustpilot.

As usual, we have scrutinized the reviews to gauge the general feedback. From the reviews, it’s evident that BitIQ is super profitable and easy to use. However, it offers very limited signup slots.

Most of the users report securing a registration slot after many tries. BitIQ has announced limiting the daily signups to less than 1% of the registration attempts. The robot claims to receive over ten thousand registration requests daily.

Don’t give up if you can’t secure a signup slot on the first try. There is a possibility of joining the lucky few after several attempts. Some of the most successful BitIQ users secured an account after many weeks of trying.

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Signup an account with BitIQ

Registering with BitIQ is self-explanatory. Moreover, you only need a couple of minutes to complete the signup.

Fill and submit the signup form on the left top corner of the official BitIQ website. You will be required to verify contact information and create a password. Follow the BitIQ safe password protection tips to secure your account.

You will automatically redirect to a local broker’s page on completing the password creation process. The broker will be your link to the BitIQ robot. 

Verify your BitIQ account via the broker

BitIQ only works with regulated and super reputable brokers. Partner broker regulation is the most important factor to consider when looking for a trading robot.

All trading robots, including those for trading traditional assets, operate under a broker. Genuine trading robots can only work through regulated and reputable brokers. Scam trading bots tend to link to unregulated brokers.

BitIQ brokers observe high-level regulatory requirements, including adherence to the global anti-money-laundering laws. The global AML laws require deposit-taking institutions to verify the IDs of all their clients. BitIQ partner broker requires all users to upload a photo of an ID document for verification.

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Fund your BitIQ Account

Your trading capital is what the bot uses to place bets on crypto and stocks. BitIQ requires all users to invest a minimum of USD250 to trade.

The deposit should be made through the linked broker. Remember that all signals delivered by BitIQ are sent to the broker for execution. The broker uses your capital to take market positions based on the orders relayed by the robot.

We can ascertain that most BitIQ partner brokers accept account funding through wire and debit and credit cards. Most also seem to support major e-wallets and crypto-wallets. Deposits are instant and free.

Click here to register with BitIQ today!

Test the robot and Start a live session

Most experts review the BitIQ demo platform as highly effective. It’s said to give traders a perfect simulation of the BitIQ trading experience.

The BitIQ demo is built on the same technologies as the real-time account. This ensures that it provides a 100% simulation of real-time trading. After the demo, you should find it easy to set BitIQ for live trading.

This platform is reviewed as fully automated. This means that anyone can use it. Click this link to try your luck with BitIQ.

Fake news targeting BitIQ

We are living in an age where fake news is a norm. Any popular online subject is likely to attract fake news and gossip.

As mentioned earlier, BitIQ is an internet sensation in many countries. This makes it the best target for this type of news. The fake news targeting trading robots such as BitIQ are mostly used to divert traffic to cloned sites.

Scammers clone legitimate and popular robots like BitIQ intending to trick unsuspecting people into divulging sensitive personal information. BitIQ has released a statement warning users against this type of news.

You should never follow registration links from unverified sites. Also, avoid any post linking BitIQ to a celebrity or a famous TV show since it’s likely to be fake news. We will discuss some of the posts here to help our readers be on the lookout.

BitIQ Jeff Bezos

As mentioned earlier, Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon. He is the second richest man after Elon Musk.

The fake news marketing clones are linking Jeff Bezos to BitIQ in clickbait headlines. These posts mostly claim that Bezos is using BitIQ to speculate on crypto. Some posts allege that BitIQ has received millions of dollars in investment from Jeff Bezos.

However, our investigation shows that the Jeff Bezos BitIQ posts are fake news aimed at selling clones. You should avoid any post claiming so, even if it seems to be published on a reputable site.

The scammers marketing the clones are known to create web pages that mimic reputable sites. Follow the links in our unbiased and detailed reviews to go straight to the official BitIQ website.

BitIQ Luis Carlos Sarmiento

Luis Carlos Sarmiento is a Colombian businessman. According to Forbes, he is worth over $12.6 billion as of March 2022.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento is the biggest shareholder of Grupo Aval, the largest banking group in Colombia. He is also invested in other businesses. Some posts allege that he is invested in the BitIQ trading system.

However, this is fake news. BitIQ hasn’t sourced financing from any individual or institution. Moreover, Luis Carlos Sarmiento hasn’t shown any interest in crypto. We have followed the links in some of the posts making these claims and confirmed that they lead to cloned sites.

Be extra cautious when seeking information about BitIQ on the web since many fake news posts lead to cloned sites. Click here to redirect to the official BitIQ website.

BitIQ This Morning

This Morning is a prime breakfast show aired on ITV and featuring a review of the latest news and celebrity interviews.

This Morning is estimated to have a daily viewership of over 5 million. Some gossip sites claim that the founders of BitIQ have appeared on this show. The posts making these claims further state that the founders have said they will be pulling the trading system off-market in the coming months.

We have gone through many This Morning show episodes and didn’t find such an interview. Moreover, the founders of BitIQ have remained anonymous since its launch. It’s therefore unlikely that they have appeared on any TV program.

Therefore, you should keep off any post claiming that BitIQ has appeared on the This Morning show. We can confirm that several have links to the fake new posts. Avoid falling for the clickbait headlines by always relying on legitimate sources of information.

Also, any information you find on the web on the official BitIQ website here. Bookmark this page to avoid falling victim to the cloned sites.

BitIQ Review Conclusion

There is enough data on the internet to confirm BitIQ’s legitimacy. This trading platform was launched four years ago.

It has gained a huge client base over the years, with an active user base of over 200,000 as of publishing this review. BitIQ is a unique automated trading system, given that it offers both stock and crypto trading.

Users have an option to define the asset they want to trade. Moreover, they can choose to split their capital to trade both asset classes. BitIQ only requires the user to adjust the settings and click the live button. The trading system does the rest on autopilot.

BitIQ offers a layman’s guide to help the user navigate through the settings. Moreover, all users are assigned an account manager on completing the registration. The account manager helps them through the settings.

We have put BitIQ through a battery of safety tests and are happy with the results. This auto-trading bot relies on high-grade encryption. It’s therefore foolproof from data breaches. Data privacy is always the first line of protection against hacking.

BitIQ is affordable since you could get started with as little as USD250. Investing more money with this bot can

Click here to register with BitIQ today!


Is BitIQ legitimate?

BitIQ scores highly in many experts’ legitimacy tests. Moreover, it’s super reputable, with many of its users reporting to earn huge profits with it. You will find adequate proof of BitIQ legitimacy in this post.

Is BitIQ profitable?

Both expert and consumer reviews conclude that BitIQ is highly profitable. This bot has gone viral given its insane returns. Over 95% of experts rank it position one on the best bitcoin trading robots 2022.

Does BitIQ offer a trading app?

BitIQ offers a hybrid app. You can use this app on your Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. The robot is yet to launch a native app. A statement on its website shows that it’s in the final stages of developing this app.

How do I download the BitIQ App?

You will only access the BitIQ App download link at the footer of the trading dashboard or through the second email on completing the signup. The app will download automatically on clicking the link.

Is BitIQ App safe?

The BitIQ website is impenetrable given that it’s protected through military-grade encryption. This is crucial because 99.99% of cyberattacks begin with a weak site. Moreover, the web-trader and hybrid app are also fully secured.

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