Bitget Wallet Announces BWB Points Airdrop, Following Partnership with Ethena  

Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet, widely recognized as a leading Web3 wallet across Asia and internationally, has entered into a partnership with Ethena, an Ethereum-based platform dealing with synthetic dollars. Thanks to this alliance, users who have made deposits exceeding 100 USDT at Ethena (during the past three months) qualify for an airdrop of BWB points. Future plans allow for these points to be converted into BWB tokens after the completion of the airdrop campaign. Moreover, Ethena has introduced a new incentive: users who maintain their USDe stablecoin in the Bitget Wallet for at least seven days will benefit from a 20% increase in rewards.

Bitget Wallet & Athena Partnership in a Nutshell

Through this collaboration, Ethena becomes accessible on mobile devices and through browser extensions via the Bitget Wallet. This brings the ease of managing token transactions, staking, participating in the Pendle campaign, and trading USDe. The integration allows for the deposit of ENA tokens into Pendle, where users can accumulate points or secure favorable rates. Enhancements in the mobile DApp browser of Bitget Wallet streamline the user experience significantly.

Besides that, Bitget Wallet has also launched the BWB Ecosystem Partner Program. It was done with the aim to enhance participation in the DeFi sector and encourage the growth of joint projects. The program connects over 70 blockchains and projects, including Ethena, offering BWB Points as rewards to users who meet conditions. 

Plans are underway for the BWB token to initiate its Token Generation Event (TGE) and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) during the upcoming second quarter. Once the TGE is complete, BWB point holders can convert their points to the BWB token and start receiving a dividend in the rewards driven from Bitget Wallet’s continuous growth in the Web3 ecosystem. New users who download the Bitget Wallet app will automatically get 50 BWB points convertible to the token after the TGE. 

Eligibility for the Airdrop — Check if You can Get BWB Points

This month, Bitget Wallet kicked off a BWB Points airdrop campaign targeted at those Ethena users who have transacted at least 100 USDT in the past three months. Qualified participants are granted BWB Points, which can be converted into BWB tokens in the future. The airdrop, running until April 28th, is open to both new and existing Bitget Wallet users and active users of other prominent Web3 wallets and includes specific wallet tasks to boost point accumulation.

Bitget Wallet announces this collaboration following Ethena’s robust performance in the past month. In March, Ethena’s USDe stablecoin became the top-performing decentralized application in terms of earnings, offering a 67% annual percentage yield (APY). The current APY on its stablecoins stands at 24%. 

A Few Words About Ethena

Ethena’s USDe is the first censorship-resistant, scalable, and crypto-native money solution. It is fully backed and transparently recorded on-chain, allowing for seamless integration across the DeFi ecosystem. The stability of the USDe peg is maintained through delta hedging, which offsets derivatives positions against the protocol-held collateral.

The stability of the USDe peg is maintained through delta hedging, which offsets derivatives positions against the protocol-held collateral.

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