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Bitgert Coin: Where Innovation Meets Opportunity in Crypto

The crypto space has been recording increasing growth lately with an increasing market cap recorded every month. This is simply pointing in one direction: more investors are now getting increasingly interested in cryptocurrency. But, with the hundreds (or even thousands) of crypto projects out there today, it might be really difficult to select the right project to invest in. That’s where Bitgert brings its shine.

The Bitgert BRISE is an innovative crypto project from the Bitgert team. It leverages the need to solve problems of financial transactions on the blockchain. But with the many other crypto projects out there today, what makes Bitgert BRISE any better? Innovation!

With the growing list of crypto projects out there today, we are beginning to get bored of projects that just come on with many promises but no real innovation to point at. This makes it difficult to know a coin that will become the next big thing in the crypto market because most of these altcoins offer similar things hidden in different names. That’s why the Bitgert coin stands above these other crypto coins.

But, when we talk about innovation in Bitgert coin, what do we really mean? Solutions to the years-long problem that makes trading or investing in crypto difficult for beginners and professionals. Let’s look at 2 of these innovative opportunities that Bitgert has ushered into the crypto scene.

Fast Transaction Speed

Bitgert is leading the market today as the crypto coin with the fastest transaction speed. Yes! You read that right, Bitgert has the fastest transaction speed right now. Bitgert BRISE currently stands at a transaction speed of over 100,000 transactions speed per second. With this, it can complete tens of thousands of transaction validation and submission in a split second.

However, this is possible with the introduction of its innovative approach to transaction validation using the proof of authority consensus mechanism. This mechanism ensures that transaction validation is done in the quickest time possible.

Lower Gas Fee

One of the leading menace to transactions on the blockchain today is the problem of high gas fees. We can all agree that it is ridiculous to pay a transaction fee as high as $50 on a transaction of $200. Yes! It even gets worse in some situations. Bitgert sees this problem and is developing strategies that are pushing the transaction fee lower and lower every day. 

Currently, Bitgert boasts of a nearly absolute zero fee on transaction fees. I mean, a transaction fee of $0.005 fee is almost impossible to even notice on a transaction regardless of how small the transaction might be.

Bitgert is opening a world of endless possibilities with its growing list of innovative features making transactions easier on the blockchain.

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