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The crypto industry has been on the lookout for a better way of investing and gaining from crypto. As a result, they have opted for auto trading bots. Hence, the and merger could not have come at a better time. ClearPoll is a popular software trading platform enabling voting on anything. Users can vote anytime, anywhere, and offers instant creation of polls. Furthermore, users earn rewards from creating these polls and for voting on various sponsored polls. 

This fantastic platform merged with Bitcoin Compass on 21st July, a move that got the crypto industry excited. This move will enable users to access more suitable user interfaces. They will also be able to trade in different cryptos securely.

More about ClearPoll and Bitcoin Compass

ClearPoll has gained massive traction from the crypto industry. Furthermore, it continues to gain the interest of crypto experts in the fintech industry. So, what is so interesting about ClearPoll?

ClearPoll takes the approach of a social and public opinion polling system. It also offers its users the best chance to invest in digital assets. Traders can buy and sell several cryptos. Moreover, the platform utilizes blockchain technology to ensure its security.

In addition to that, the contribution of users in any topic is welcomed. Thus, it allows equality and freedom of speech. Users can vote and gain from participating in these topics. Users utilize Poll tokens in participating in the voting process. Poll tokens are ERC-20 compliant ClearPoll native utility tokens. Users can also earn bonus rewards for holding these tokens in their wallets. In addition, users can increase their reward earnings by creating global polls.

It makes you wonder what ClearPoll needs Bitcoin Compass for when it can perform everything you need. But, Bitcoin Compass has a few tricks up its sleeves. So, what does it bring to the table? What is so interesting about it?

If you are looking into trading crypto, Bitcoin Compass might just be it for you. It is more of a trading platform that utilizes full encryption support. Moreover, it applies a proprietary trading mechanism that ensures that it scans and reviews trade signals. Traders use these opportunities to place trades or adjust trading plans. Therefore, the high accuracy of the platform is commendable. In addition, the platform was designed to allow traders more control over their investments. 

The primary project this platform deals with is Bitcoin. However, it enables traders to invest in Ethereum and other Altcoins. The platform helps you invest in popular and uprising altcoins with ease. Thus, it is designed to be suitable for both beginners and professionals. Furthermore, traders can earn passive income. 

Wondering how to join Bitcoin Compass? Here is how to.

How to join Bitcoin Compass


Like any other crypto trading platform, it is a prerequisite that you have an account. Therefore, you have first to register an account before you can start developing your portfolio. Accordingly, fill the application form from the official website with personal details. Then verify the account with your email. It is advisable to use a strong password. A strong password includes a combination of characters, numbers, and letters. A successful registration pairs you with a broker that prompts for a deposit.


You can use any of the payment options provided on the website to complete the deposit process. The payment options are online payment and credit card services. The minimum deposit amount is $250, while the maximum deposit is $15,000.


A trader may go directly into their trade once the deposit reflects on their account. However, a successful trader first sets their trading limits and sets profit goals and stop-loss. Then specify the cryptocurrencies of interest. Next, navigate the market to decide on the direction they will take. This is primarily due to the unpredictability of cryptos due to their volatility. With a strategy and goals in place, the trader can then hop into live-action.

Bitcoin Compass Key Features

Live Automated Trading

The most attractive feature of Bitcoin Compass is its buying and selling system. This system allows traders to conduct their trades instantly with a high win rate and a good ROI. In addition, the traders can utilize their trading bots with minimum altercations.

Manual Trading

Traders who want to play the most significant part of trading have the freedom to override the trading bots. They can disable the auto-trade features and conduct the trades by themselves. The details of the transactions are shown in the Open Trades section. Ensure that you know what you are doing when using this feature.

Demo Trading

To backtest or utilize a trading technique, you can open a risk-free demo account. It allows you to vet how successful your strategy can be in live-action. It also allows you to calculate the average earnings and success rate across different platforms. Hence, you can adjust Bitcoin Compass settings to perform better than the other platforms.

Web-based platform

Bitcoin Compass is a web-based platform, enabling users to log in through their website. As a result, it is possible to perform auto trading and demo trading concurrently.


The platform is fully encrypted with the online SSL. Therefore, only those with the proper decryption/secret key can access the data.


The verification feature ensures users provide accurate information. In addition, this ensures unauthorized users do not get access to your account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin Compass allows you to move funds to your bank account anytime. The super-fast deposits and withdrawals enthrall the users. Also, you are only charged for withdrawals rather than service fees and hidden fees.

Customer Service

Users can easily reach the 24/7 customer service staff through the official website, email, live chat, or Facebook. The services are also freely accessible. In addition, the staff readily answer questions about their system.


The benefits brought by the merger between Bitcoin Compass and ClearPoll are unprecedented. Imagine the ability to create and earn from polls while making money securely and automatically. It is time for crypto enthusiasts to get into the game and generate returns from crypto. The developer teams are also working to provide their customers with secure trading channels. This is a revolutionary move in the crypto space.

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