Bitcoin Touches $45,000; Prominent Whales Show Interest in New AI Crypto

Bitcoin Touches $45,000; Prominent Whales Show Interest

Bitcoin (BTC) projections that prices would break $50,000 before the close of 2023 didn’t materialize, but it’s still one of the best coins to invest in this year as there’s a strong chance prices will grow exponentially. BTC prices surged 157% in 2023, but that’s nothing compared to the 3x growth expected this year as the king of cryptocurrencies approaches its next halving event.

A Bitcoin exchange-traded fund being approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also expected to lead to a considerable increase in prices. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is also set for a big year as it aims to provide an alternative way to invest in artificial intelligence (AI). QUBE prices grew 175% in 2023, but that will probably be small in comparison to the growth the new DeFi project is expected to enjoy this year. Its presale has presently raised over $7.8 million as whales and regular investors look to partner up with the first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform that exclusively focuses on artificial intelligence. 

Best coins to invest in: InQubeta (QUBE) is anticipated to grow as much as 10,000%

InQubeta’s decentralized investment platform takes on mainstream investment channels and their elitist requirements that often prevent regular people from using their services. For instance, you’d have to prove earning over $200k for two straight years to be deemed eligible for angel investment practices. 

InQubeta aims to democratize the investment process by delivering an easy-to-use ecosystem anyone can use to partner up with AI firms. 

The AI industry has been generating lots of hype lately as the technology improves. The capital poured into firms that advance the technology has increased 12x in the past several years, and more than $120 billion is presently directed into AI. This number is expected to keep growing exponentially, and it’s projected to reach $1.5 trillion in the next several years. 

That positions AI-focused cryptocurrencies like InQubeta for substantial growth as investors flock to its platform for easier access to AI investments. 

Here’s how InQubeta’s ecosystem works:

  • AI startups that pass an initial assessment get to raise capital in the ecosystem. These companies create ERC20 coins that denote investment opportunities. These tokens rise in value as their makers raise their market shares, much like stocks. Some give investors additional incentives like profit-sharing
  • ERC20 coins are fractionalized, so smaller, more affordable portions of them can be sold. These tokens are added to the ERC20 token list on the marketplace
  • Investors have access to all the information they need to make informed investment decisions on the InQubeta ecosystem, and they buy tokens of companies they like with QUBE. Top crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) or fiat can be used to buy QUBE
  • Investors aren’t stuck with their tokens after making purchases. ERC20 coins can be resold on the marketplace at anytime

Bitcoin (BTC) poised for a tremendous year

Bitcoin prices are set for exponential growth this year as the high possibility of an ETF looms and its next halving event approaches. An ETF getting approved could lead to trillions of dollars in inflows into the cryptocurrency space, and it would be another major step toward the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin halving events have historically led to price increases, so its next one, due in April, should push prices upward, especially if an ETF has been approved by then. 


QUBE and BTC are two of the best coins to invest in right now, as both projects will likely bring investors substantial profits this year. While Bitcoin is set for considerable growth, it’s unlikely to keep up with InQubeta, given the different stages in their development. 

InQubeta is where Bitcoin was a decade ago, and it provides lots of utility to those looking for easier access to AI investments. 

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