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You might have started a new cryptocurrency project and worked very hard in order to get it up and running. Unfortunately, there is another challenge. After all, you’d want to entice people to use your platform and possibly have it listed on the top exchanges but you don’t have enough users to secure its continuous growth.

This is where crypto PR services come in. These teams are composed of experts who have, not only invaluable experience performing different marketing strategies on various products, but also the network to a group of people who might be potentially interested in the product you are offering. One of the fastest-growing services in this area is ICOSpeaks.

What is ICOSpeaks?

ICOSpeaks is a crypto PR service composed of marketing and PR professionals with access to a huge community of investors who are looking to expand their portfolio in newly launched initiatives. This network allows you to quickly reach the widest range of audiences you’ll need in order to provide your project with better visibility in only a short span of time.

More than that, ICOSpeaks has partnerships with publishers who could get your project on air with some of the most reputable crypto news websites, such as CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk,, and Forbes, among others.

Digital Community

ICOSpeaks has a continuously growing digital community of investors which you can easily find on Telegram, a messaging platform. This way, they can be easily informed and updated about the new projects that they might want to get their hands on. Their main telegram channel, the ICOSpeaks News, already espouses more than 267,000 subscribers and they are still expanding.

Imagine having your project released on that channel and some others, such as BTC Champ, DeFiMillion, and IEO Pools, among others. You wouldn’t have to break a sweat trying to tap on a variety of investor profiles anymore and it wouldn’t cost you a fortune to have ICOSpeaks do the heavy lifting for you. If you want to check them out yourself, you can see the list here:

These groups also have their own niche markets. But as a client, you will be given the opportunity to choose which PR distribution best fits your needs and your budget. All of them provide a very specific and strategic marketing distribution schedule, from the handling of your project’s introduction to the ICOSpeaks community, to the launching of AMA discussions, ICOSpeaks can take care of them for you.

Services like these make it easy for projects to focus on their platform without breaking bank. If you think that your need to develop your project is a much bigger priority than anything, in the same way other successful developers think, you can do it with ICOSpeaks. You’ll never have to compromise your marketing needs anymore. You can check out the details on the packages available for press release distribution here:


Press releases and marketing is no easy task. There is a science behind it and it requires a lot of resources to make it successful. There are projects that do it on their own but they might end up spending too much, especially when the approach is just following a trial-and-error method. If you have the capacity to outsource your marketing needs to the experts, it is a more ideal starting point.

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