Bitcoin In E-Commerce: Advantages And Drawbacks


Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital cryptocurrency, started in 2009. Initially, it faced some criticism, but slowly the popularity kept on increasing because of its advantages. Consider bitcoin in e-commerce, it has been faster and more secure compared to other traditional currencies. If you are interested to invest in bitcoin, read more about its advantages and drawbacks. 


Private and anonymous 

The transactions of bitcoin are completely private and anonymous, unlike payments done by banks. Transactions done through bitcoin can never be identified or traced and cannot be identified. The address of the bitcoin wallet will be visible if the person is not using a VPN. It’s like the payment made to the account can be traced but not to whom the accounts belong. But do not use the same address in all places; otherwise, it can be traced. 

Minimal or lower fees

Transactions done through bitcoin may or may not include fees as it depends on the priority of the payment. For faster processing, a transaction fee is required, but comparatively, it is lesser. That’s why it is preferable to opt for transactions through bitcoin than digital or intermediary wallets. 

Freedom of payment 

Paying through bitcoins offer payments and can be transferred to anyone across the world. There is no third party or intermediaries in between, and the transaction will never get affected due to holidays. They are not bound by any country’s borders or boundaries and no payment limit is also there. 

Lesser risks 

They are irreversible, secure, and do not have any crucial information. As a result, it safeguards the merchants from suffering any losses. Thus, you will see so many people are considering investing in bitcoin. 

No need for approval from any institute 

There is no need for any approval from any institute or financial organization to make a transaction. Whenever you want to make a payment, you are ready to do so irrespectively of the time. Not only that, but the receiver also gets the money in a short time. It indicates that within a short time, the amount will reflect in your wallet. 


Highly volatile 

The bitcoin is highly volatile and decreases and increases at a higher pace. Hence, it can be one reason why some people may not prefer to invest in cryptos. But the drawback can be converted into an advantage. 

The degree of acceptance

The degree of acceptance is another drawback as some organizations are still in a dilemma about it. But over time, you may see many companies accepting transactions through bitcoins. 

In the end 

Overall, bitcoin has more advantages than drawbacks. Mainly, it depends on the people how they wish to use the cryptocurrency. Any person can produce the cryptocurrency, and it can be done by mining bitcoin through your system. Additionally, there is no need of providing any personal information for the transaction to take place. But it is always important to remember where you have kept the bitcoin private keys. If it gets lost, you can no longer access your cryptocurrency. 

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