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Bitcoin Dogs Listing Soon But Who Needs That When BlockDAG Is Going to the Moon With $18.5M Presale

Be one of the chosen ones who will take the ride with BlockDAG to explore the wonders of the universe, fueling it with the ambitious DAG Paper V2 release that led to a massive celebrative portrayal on the sphere of Las Vegas. And who’s a better captain to take the lead than BlockDAG in the space of success and fortune-making? Bitcoin Dogs listing soon has its attention, but it’s only barks and no actions, creating confusion among investors.

Will Bitcoin Dogs Listing Soon Deliver?

The head of the Bitcoin Dogs community, recently updated enthusiasts about the next steps following the project’s successful presale, emphasizing that the Bitcoin Dogs listing soon is on the horizon. He stressed that investors should remain patient, as the exact dates for the 0DOG token claim and exchange listing have not yet been set.

He further explained that the timing for claiming tokens and the initial exchange listing are being strategically aligned. This approach ensures the integrity of the 0DOG token by preventing premature trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Bitcoin Dogs listing soon lacks careful planning behind the scenes, as the team consults with various exchanges, claiming to prioritise secure placements on centralized platforms to foster a stable market debut for Bitcoin Dogs.

BlockDAG Cares for Its Community

Through its latest feature on the BlockDAG Website, BlockDAG added the dev release to keep its community feet in cold water, granting a state of security knowing the minutest updates happening second by second. It’s one of BlockDAG’s ways of showing respect to the supportive community that helped garner over $18.5M throughout the presale. Now upon reaching the ninth batch for $0.005, the jump to $0.006 resembles the perfect opportunity for investors and whales alike. Experts refer to it as an “unmistakable shot” with 30,000x ROI accuracy.

Furthermore, Excitement is soaring as BlockDAG gears up for its next astonishing stunt, with daily sales projected to hit a groundbreaking $5 million. This surge in anticipation is fueled by the attractively priced batch 10 of the presale and the electrifying news that the next keynote video will be broadcast from the moon! BlockDAG’s strategic integration into diverse mining pools guarantees an equitable distribution of rewards, reinforcing its status as a powerhouse in the cryptocurrency arena.

Harmonic Duo of BlockDAG: PHANTOM & GHOSTDAG

BlockDAG is revolutionizing blockchain technology by blending the unshakeable security of traditional blockchains with the swift adaptability of Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG). At the heart of this innovation are two powerful brothers: the PHANTOM protocol and the GHOSTDAG algorithm who always fight for the safety of their community. PHANTOM steps into the spotlight by meticulously choosing which blocks to endorse, bolstering network defences against malicious attacks and ensuring transactions are consistent and secure against double-spending threats.

Complementing PHANTOM’s vigilant watch, GHOSTDAG leaps into action to streamline how transactions are sequenced and blocks are admitted. This algorithm favours the “heaviest” sub-DAG—a version of the transaction history fortified by the most extensive cumulative proof of work.

This strategy speeds up transaction processing and fortifies the network against splits, ensuring the most trusted and consensus-backed version of the truth stands tall. Together, they fortify BlockDAG’s architecture, promoting a high-throughput, fork-resistant ledger that upholds the integrity and reliability of the data it holds.

 The solidity of BLockDAG

As we stand on the cusp of exciting developments, BlockDAG’s continuous effort and dedicated innovations promise to redefine digital finance. Meanwhile, doubts are visiting investors who await the Bitcoin Dogs listing soon to be announced.  Together, these movements herald a future rich with opportunity and brimming with potential for investors and enthusiasts alike.

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