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Bitcoin Cash Price Drops, Cosmos Ecosystem Integration, BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Boosts Presale by Over $42.2M

Bitcoin Cash Price Drops, Cosmos Ecosystem Integration, BlockDAG's Keynote 2 Boosts Presale by Over $42.2M

Lately, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced a notable decline, falling 13% in eight days and reaching a new weekly low. Investors are concerned about this decline because BCH’s price could drop even lower if current support levels fail. In parallel, Fireblocks has announced its integration with the Cosmos ecosystem, utilising the decentralised exchange (DEX) and DeFi hub Osmosis. 

While these developments unfolded, BlockDAG (BDAG) successfully launched its updated Keynote 2, ‘From the Moon,’ highlighting several major milestones. Supported by prominent crypto influencers, the presale has surpassed the $42.2 million mark, selling over 10.8 billion coins at $0.011 each in batch 17. BlockDAG is rapidly emerging as a top-performing cryptocurrency, drawing significant interest from investors and developers due to its innovative technology and promising returns. 

Bitcoin Cash Slumps Amid Market Adjustments

Notable losses have occurred for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which has dropped 13% in the last eight days and hit a new weekly low. Bulls are working hard to prevent further declines in Bitcoin Cash prices. This downturn follows the SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETFs, which has led to market consolidation. The number of active BCH wallets has significantly decreased, reflecting negative market sentiment. 

If present support levels are broken, technical indicators point to a possible further decline. If the downward momentum continues, the bearish trend could push BCH’s price towards even lower support levels. Trading derivatives carries high risks and should be approached with caution.

Fireblocks integrate with Cosmos Ecosystem

Leading digital asset custody platform Fireblocks has connected with the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem by utilising Osmosis, the DEX and DeFi hub. This move significantly enhances DeFi functionalities for Fireblocks users. Osmosis, a key cross-chain DEX and DeFi hub within Cosmos has managed over $33 billion in trading volume and connected over 90 blockchains to its app chain. 

Because it offers a variety of DeFi applications that combine third-party integrations with native features, this integration offers a comprehensive user experience that frequently exceeds that of centralised exchanges. The Fireblocks and Cosmos integration via Osmosis marks a significant advancement in the DeFi space, providing users with secure and efficient ways to engage with decentralised finance. 

BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Excites Investors

Notable accomplishments have been highlighted by BlockDAG’s second keynote, which has received support from prominent crypto influencers and recognition from major media outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg. Important updates include the beta release of the X1 App, blockchain technology developments, and improved international marketing tactics. 

More than 45 development updates have focused on the efficient DAG implementation that supports multiple transaction confirmations at once. The mainnet will be launched over the following four months. Analysts project that BlockDAG could earn $5 million every day, up from its current $500,000 daily raise. Plus Wallet will be the launch’s only partner. 

The presale accepts over ten payment methods, including USDT, Ethereum, and BNB. Upcoming releases include a DOXing video, a development documentary, and a $2 million reward for 50 early adopters, with over 60,000 entries already received. Additionally, BlockDAG has introduced a Low-Code/No-Code platform to simplify software creation. This platform enables users to create, manage, and deploy software applications by dragging and dropping components instead of writing code, streamlining development within the complex ecosystem of decentralised applications on BlockDAG blockchains. 

Final Thought

While Bitcoin Cash faces a bearish trend that could lower its price support levels, the broader crypto ecosystem continues to evolve. Fireblocks’ integration with the Cosmos ecosystem and BlockDAG’s successful keynote video highlights the market’s dynamic nature. 

Positioning itself as a leading cryptocurrency with a bright future, BlockDAG stands out for its remarkable presale achievements and increasing recognition. The Low-Code/No-Code platform BlockDAG introduced makes app development easier, more approachable, and more creative. Take part in this thrilling journey by signing up for the BlockDAG presale today!

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