Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Filecoin (FIL) Shows Slight Decline in Price, Watchvestor (WVTR) Presale Momentum Surges

Watchvestor (WVTR) Presale Momentum Surges

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Filecoin (FIL) price charts show a slight decline with experts optimistic of a resurgence soon. With no intrinsic value attached to them, Bitcoin Cash and Filecoin are finding it hard to overcome the bear market pressure in the last few weeks. Despite the general market concern, Watchvestor (WVTR) presale is generating huge attraction from investors because of its revolutionary qualities.

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Holders Express Optimism of a Resurgence for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The general crypto market has not been stable in the last few days. With the bear market lurking around, many investors are more careful about which coin to invest in. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) posted impressive price performance at the beginning of the year with investors expecting the uptrend to continue. However, the current crypto market crash seems to have wiped off most of the earlier gains of Bitcoin Cash.

Analysts have attributed Bitcoin Cash’s latest setback to the Bitcoin (BTC) price fall. If Bitcoin rises again as expected, that could pave the way for more positive momentum for BCH. 

With the bull run being anticipated, Bitcoin Cash may still meet analysts’ expectations of a massive surge. The BCH token holders are already optimistic of a resurgence soon. However, can the token trade above $1000 again? That’s the question holders are asking. 

Filecoin (FIL) – Securing the Future of Data Storage

Filecoin (FIL) is a decentralized blockchain solution for data manipulation and storage. The coin’s popularity grew in the crypto market when it rallied to its all-time high of $237.24 in 2021. However, the coin has been on a steady decline since then. 

Over the last 30 days, Filecoin (FIL) has lost a significant amount of its price value which has raised concern among investors.

However, the increasing demand for data storage may spark a resurgence of Filecoin. As the token strives to reach the next resistance level of $4.7, investors are hoping the coming of the bull market will lift the fortune of Filecoin. To achieve this resistance level, the coin may need to enter into a massive bull run. 

Investors Make Early Access to Watchvestor (WVTR) As Presale Gathers Huge Momentum

While Bitcoin Cash and Filecoin are battling the bear market, Watchvestor (WVTR) is gathering huge momentum at its presale. The presale, which is only available for 90 days, has attracted investors who view it as the next big project to reposition the watch market.

Watchvestor will be the first blockchain-based platform to reduce the influence the rich have on the watch market. This will be done by minting the physical watches into valuable NFTs, which can be purchased by investors. With as little as $10, investors can purchase fractional NFTs and trade in any Ethereum-based marketplace. 

Investors can also acquire the complete NFTs and get them delivered to them in any of the 150 countries supported by the platform security partners’ shipping service.The platform token WVTR is currently selling for $0.03. Experts project its value to rise to $0.35 when launched. Getting in early at this presale price is a smart way of earning big profits in the future. 

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